Felix Gallardo Net Worth

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Net Worth

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo was once one of the most powerful drug lords in Mexico. His cartel is believed to have supplied cocaine and other illegal substances into the US and other countries through illegal channels. Unfortunately, in 1989 he was arrested for his alleged role in the murder of Drug Enforcement Administration agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena; currently, he is serving a 40-year prison term and has recently been moved into a medium security facility due to health reasons.

Former Drug Lord Francisco Arellano Felix had many children including Alicia Arellano Felix(niece), Benjamin Arellano Felix(incarcerated), Carlos Arellano Felix(grandnephew), and Fabian Arellano Corona(grandson). Additionally, he wrote a diary detailing the poverty that his family experienced while growing up in Sinaloa state as well as how he became involved in drug trafficking before ultimately meeting Maria Elvira who eventually became his wife.

Felix Gallardo initially worked for drug traffickers brokering corruption of government officials, but soon found himself involved with drug smuggling himself. Soon thereafter he was hired by Pedro Aviles to oversee transportation of marijuana from Mexico’s coast to cities in its northern regions. When Colombian cartels started using Mexico as their transshipment point this caused illegal drug trafficking to rapidly increase leading Aviles to place Felix Gallardo as leader of Guadalajara Cartel.

Gallardo is believed to have amassed vast fortune from his business ventures. His properties range from hotels, pharmacies, and real estate firms to an estimated 50 houses and 200 ranches. Yet despite all of this wealth, Gallardo remains beloved by the community due to his generous and selfless acts in supporting it.

Reports indicate that he currently possesses an estimated net worth of approximately $1 billion; however, his salary and net worth could fluctuate at any given point in time.

Other than his wealth, he is also well-known for his physical beauty. At an average height and bodyweight, he stands out with an attractive smile that turns heads wherever he goes. Additionally, he can often be found appearing in popular TV shows and movies as himself; actor Diego Luna even portrays him on Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico series.

Personal details about his life remain private; he does not maintain an official social media account and has not spoken about his wife or kids publicly. According to reports, however, he is believed to be loving and caring person with good relationships within his family, being an avid sports fan that enjoys spending his leisure time with them as well as possessing an infectious sense of humor that allows him to crack jokes easily – all traits which make for an intriguing individual despite not creating social media accounts just yet.

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