Faye Chrisley Net Worth 2021

Faye Chrisley Net Worth 2021

Faye Chrisley has made her mark in reality show world with numerous appearances on various television programs, but perhaps her most well-known appearance is on USA network show Chrisley Knows Best, where she gained widespread acclaim as Nanny Faye (better known on Chrisley Knows Best as Nanny Faye) has quickly become one of its stars and gained immense viewership. Fans have taken note of Faye Chrisley’s success on Chrisley Knows Best; many question her net worth.

Nanny Faye has been an integral part of the show for seven years and has played a pivotal role in its success. She has won multiple awards and nominations for her work on it; viewers love her character’s antics while her witty comments often shock audiences; however, beneath it all lies an affectionate grandmother who cares deeply for her children.

Faye works in both a nursing home and small farm, is devout Christian and ensures her faith is passed onto her children – Todd, Randy, and Derrick (though Derrick passed away a few years ago). While one son (T Todd), is one of the main cast members for the show while Randy prefers living a more subdued life away from cameras.

Nanny Faye has managed to overcome all odds and has achieved great success in her career as an actress and celebrity. She enjoys a large following on social media and actively volunteers with many charities; when not performing or charity work she likes spending her time at the casino and flirting with younger men.

Nanny Faye is now widowed as Gene passed away at age 77 in 2012. Gene had served in US war service, however his cause of death remains unidentified and the family have yet to discuss it since.

She was born September 2nd 1943 in South Carolina and prefers to keep details regarding her personal life, parents, siblings and education private. She attended local high school to further her education.

Nanny Faye has an irresistibly beautiful smile and age does not show. We hope to see more of Nanny Faye on Chrisley Knows Best as time progresses – until then you can catch all episodes by tuning into Chrisley Knows Best channel on USA Network where season 10 has already kicked off and this reality star hopes to give more of what viewers adore about Chrisley Knows Best this time around!

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