Eva Shockey Net Worth

Eva Shockey Net Worth – How Much Is Eva Shockey Worth?

Eva Shockey is an esteemed multi-tasker who manages to generate significant earnings across her various careers. She is known as an accomplished hunter, TV show host and author – she made history when she appeared as the first female hunter on Field and Stream magazine’s cover in 30 years! Eva is also popular social media influencer as well as an ambassador for several prominent brands.

Shockey is an avid outdoor enthusiast and hunter. She captures her adventures through hunting shows like Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures with humor and confidence in front of the camera. Additionally, she boasts over one million Facebook followers as a co-host with him; is an accomplished archer; author of two books on bowhunting; has an incredible sense of humor; co-hosits his hunting show Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures co-hosted by her father; has over one million Facebook fans that follow her; co-hosted her father’s show with him; co-hosted her father’s show along with being co-hosted by herself; co-hosted his Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures co-hosted with him; co-hosted Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures with him, co-hosted his show Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures with him, was an accomplished archer herself as well as authoring two books based around bowhunting with Jim Shockey himself being herself co-hosted alongside Jim Shockey himself’s Hunting Adventures show where she co-hosted alongside her father Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures as co-hosted his show Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures alongside Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures show co-hosting her show Jim Shockey Hunting Adventures alongside his own hunting show Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures series as co-hosting his show along with co-hosted on her dad Jim Shockey himself while boasts both himself being himself and also co-hosted both shows cohosng Adventures hunte’s show Jim Shockey Hunts hunt showed alongside dad Jim Shockey as co-hosing Adventures Hunts Hunts Hunts Hunting Adventures Hunts Hunts Hunts Hunts Adventures hunting Adventures Hunts with father Jim Shockeys Hunts Hunts himself having his show until later than Hunts hunting Adventures hunting Adventures Hunts hunting show when it himself show which had itself having over one which had him too a talented archer himself! Before that is co-hosts Hunts which of course himself having actually author of two Books which features all his hunting.

She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on January 5, 1988 to Louise Johann and Jim Shockey – two writers and makers, who instilled hunting as part of her upbringing. Additionally she had experience as a ballerina.

Presently, she makes a living working as both a TV show host and lifestyle blogger, earning an impressive amount through these roles. Additionally, she maintains a significant following on Instagram as well as having launched her own line of bows as well as signature rifles; not to mention possessing an excellent sense of humor and dancing abilities!

Shockey was inspired to pursue this profession by her acclaimed hunter father who is said to have killed more animals than anyone in history. Shockey quickly made her mark as an accomplished hunter with hard work and commitment winning over hearts across the globe.

Eva Shockey has an estimated net worth of approximately two million dollars, which she earns mainly through TV reality shows and gigs as a blogger and brand ambassador for many popular products.

She is currently married to Tim Brent, an accomplished hockey player, with whom they share one daughter named Lennon Bow Brent and reside together in Raleigh, North Carolina with both children.

Eva has attracted much controversy since becoming a professional hunter. Critics have pointed out her tendency to post photos of animals she kills on social media accounts and post about conservation efforts, yet she stands by her beliefs and has always defended her actions. Additionally, she claims hunters play an integral part of conservation and even created T-Shirts bearing her slogan ‘I won’t apologize for being a hunter!’ She is widely revered within hunting circles as well as role model for many young women hunters; her social media following includes millions following Facebook accounts plus followers from Instagram, YouTube, etc.

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