Esther Hicks Net Worth

Esther Hicks Net Worth

Esther Hicks is a popular American motivational speaker and author who became well known for her books on the Law of Attraction. Her teachings encourage individuals to embrace positivity and bring abundance into their lives – something which led her to amass an impressive net worth.

Her spiritual teachings center around the idea that each individual is part of the universe and interconnected. She is recognized as a channeler, meaning she is able to pass messages from nonphysical entities known as Abraham. Her works have been published in multiple languages and helped millions change their perspective on life.

She co-wrote numerous books with Jerry Hicks before his passing in 2005 and offered workshops on the Law of Attraction. Additionally, she featured prominently in the original version of 2006 film The Secret (although her footage was later edited out), and continued conducting Abraham workshops in over 60 cities each year.

The law of attraction is an established belief that states our thoughts can become material objects and positive thinking can bring happiness and abundance into our lives. Esther teaches that by tuning into what you desire, it may become possible for it to manifest physically in your reality; to achieve this it’s essential to remain conscious and aligned with its frequency.

Her book, Ask and It Is Given, details how to tap into your oneness with all that exists and is an easy step-by-step guide on creating reality for yourself. A must read for anyone wanting a change in perspective on life!

Hicks has appeared in multiple documentaries and delivered speeches at major international conferences, in addition to her writing. Additionally, she founded the Esther and Jerry Hicks Foundation, which assists children who require assistance, and is also active member of the International Alliance for the Advancement of Peace.

She was born March 5, 1948 in Coalville, Utah and graduated from the University of Utah in 1970 as well as being an accomplished circus performer and professional acrobat.

She exudes positivity in all that she does and serves as an incredible source of guidance and motivation to all. Her teachings have had a lasting effect on millions of lives around the globe and she has become one of the foremost names in positive thinking. Esther has inspired millions to pursue their dreams and find more fulfilling relationships through her message of positivity and writings and speaking engagements, amassing an impressive net worth estimated at around $10 Million from these endeavors. Esther is at the forefront of positive thinking movement, which has quickly expanded over the last several years and grown more popular every year. Her books have been translated into multiple languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Swedish; her success will undoubtedly continue in years to come! For more information visit Esther’s official website.

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