Error 2: Share Not Available Koki

If you’ve recently updated Kodi to the latest version, you’ve probably noticed that your network shares no longer show up in the Kodi app. Instead, you’ve been seeing Kodi error 2: Share not available. This error appears to float in the air, meaning that the file or folder isn’t accessible. There are some ways to fix this issue, and some of them work on all machines.

Kodi is free and open source software that’s designed for home entertainment. Although Kodi can share files, the error 2 can hinder your Kodi experience and prevent you from sharing or accessing content across your network. To fix Kodi Error 2, you can perform several steps.

First, make sure your Kodi account has the correct permissions. Make sure that each device on the network can access the shared folder. If all this fails, then the problem may be a temporary one. However, fortunately, there are easy solutions. The solutions described here can help you troubleshoot this error and get your Kodi app back online.

To resolve this error, you must make sure that Kodi is connected to the same network as the shared folder. If you’re using mobile internet, you may be unable to connect to the shared folder. To get around this problem, reconnect your Kodi device to the home Wi-Fi network. In addition, you can try restarting your main computer.

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