Emily Bett Rickards Net Worth

Emily Bett Rickards Net Worth

Emily Bett Rickards is an esteemed Canadian actress best known for her portrayal of Felicity Smoak in the superhero TV show Arrow. Additionally, Emily has participated in theatrical productions as well as being an accomplished singer.

Emily was born on 24 July 1991 in British Columbia, Canada and studied singing and dance as hobbies before discovering acting professionally as an opportunity. After enrolling at Vancouver Film School’s Acting Essentials program she has made it her full-time focus, appearing in multiple television shows and films including recurring roles on Arrow helping build up her net worth.

At present, she is estimated to have an estimated net worth of around $2 Million. Her primary source of income comes from acting, for which she has received several nominations in the past. Furthermore, she has done musical theatre and film work which is likely to see an increase in net worth as her career advances further.

Early in her career, Emily performed in various regional theatre productions and appeared as a guest spot or cast member on various television series. Emily’s big break came when she was cast as Felicity Smoak on CW series Arrow in 2012. At first she signed as one-episode guest star but after receiving positive reactions from co-star Stephen Amell and Warner Brothers executives at preview screenings she was offered a permanent recurring role on the series.

Emily has also made appearances in several short films and direct-to-video projects, such as Brooklyn (Oscar nominated film), Sidekick (2016), Stevens (2018) and Amber in 2020 indie flick We Need to Talk (2020 indie flick).

Emily is a gifted and hardworking actress with an extremely bright future ahead. She has amassed many fans and can be found extremely active on social media; boasting over 2 million followers on Instagram alone and boasting a considerable following on Twitter as well.

She remains rather private about her relationship status; however, she does own an adorable pup named Ophie and is an animal enthusiast. Additionally, she is a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights and supports various charitable organizations; furthermore she stands against sexual violence and domestic abuse. Though busy with acting career commitments, she manages to successfully balance work life with personal life well – thus far continuing her success!

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