Emelia Hartford Net Worth

Emelia Hartford Net Worth – How Much Is Emelia Worth?

Emelia Hartford is an American Youtuber, social media star, and race car driver with a substantial fan following on YouTube and social media platforms such as Facebook. Through moto vlogging and performance car customization content posted online via YouTube she has amassed both followers and money from sponsorship deals – not to mention opening merchandising lines to generate additional revenues. At 26 years old Emelia also launched merchandise lines as an additional way of making more money!

Emelia, commonly referred to as the Motor Trend Girl, rose to online fame through her performance car customization YouTube channel that debuted in 2017. Prior to creating her channel, Emelia would juggle acting gigs between service industry jobs while customizing cars after shifts as a hobby; documenting it via Instagram posts. Michelin invited Emelia for their product launch event in New York!

Emelia has appeared in multiple automotive-themed shows and movies. A Level 7 graduate from IO West, she made an appearance as Sofia in both Men, Women & Reality miniseries as well as Netflix Fastest Car season 2. Additionally, Emelia hosts many automotive-related events on YouTube.

Recent estimates place Emelia Hartford’s net worth at approximately $2 Million. She earns her income primarily through YouTube content creation and brand partnerships on her social media accounts; other sources of income include racing events, sponsorship deals, merchandise sales and merchandise products merchandising opportunities. Furthermore, Emelia has amassed an active and robust fan base on Instagram as well.

Emelia Hartford has amassed more than 300,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and specializes in creating car-focused videos which showcase various features. Her videos are both entertaining and informative for car lovers; with content ranging from automotive reviews to daredevil stunts!

She is best known as an online sensation on YouTube; however, she’s also an accomplished actor, having appeared in several films such as Men, Women & Reality and From Mexico with Love as well as TV show Fastest Car.

Emelia remains unmarried and has not revealed any details of a potential romantic interest to her fans, who support her decision to remain private about such matters and focus on her career alone.

Emelia enjoys traveling, attending automotive events and meeting her fans as hobbies. Additionally, she likes cooking and doing DIYs; cooking with her fans; being involved with motorcycle racing; building her very own race car to compete at various automotive events; being an amazing role model to young people hoping to accomplish something in life; this explains her large social media following; she always puts them first when posting content that makes them smile!

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