Edwin Mccain Net Worth

Edwin McCain Net Worth

Edwin McCain rose to national fame after an unsuccessful college life and struggle for recognition on the club circuit, eventually garnering national prominence by the mid-1990s. Although sponsorship from fellow musicians Hootie & the Blowfish (also from South Carolina) enabled him to secure a deal with Lava/Atlantic Records, his soulful performance soon established its own following independently; one of popular music’s hardest working figures, Edwin continues his extensive touring schedule of over 300 shows per year.

McCain has released nine studio albums over his career, beginning with 1998’s Misguided Angels and ending with 2014’s MERCURY. As well as musical work, McCain has appeared in various films and television shows; more recently he has also become actively involved in supporting various charities including cancer research and animal welfare causes. Currently based in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife and children he remains an influential philanthropist who spends time supporting cancer research initiatives as well as animal welfare.

Edwin McCain, an American musician, is estimated to be worth approximately $7 Million dollars. This fortune was amassed through years of hard work and dedication in his profession; over his long career he produced multiple top 10 hits that remain favorites among fans worldwide and established an extensive fan base that remains loyal even today.

McCain has become widely-renowned not only as an accomplished singer and composer but also a master guitarist. His songs are celebrated for their soulful lyrics that combine rock with blue-eyed soul fusion – his music has touched many and been influential in musical world.

His personal life has remained relatively private, though he has stated in the past that he enjoys a strong and happy marriage with his wife for over a decade; together they share three children. Together they enjoy traveling as well as relaxing at their Greenville, South Carolina home.

Since 1996, Edwin McCain has released nine studio albums and three live albums during his career. In addition, his songs have been featured in popular movies and TV shows. With an immense online following on social media and an active touring schedule throughout the US and internationally, his musical work can often be found restoring ships for Animal Planet reality show Flipping Ships or painting antiques for various projects in his free time – not forgetting his charitable donations as an accomplished painter who donates money to charities through benefit concerts he performs at regularly.

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