Ebonie Baxter Net Worth

Ebonie Baxter Net Worth

Ebonie Baxter’s net worth has grown steadily over the years thanks to her children’s success and fame. Her son, Cyrus, considers his mother perfect and has dedicated a room in his house to her. While Cyrus’s parents divorced when he was just a young child, Cyrus has credited his mother for his success in the world. In addition, the children’s social media influence has increased her income considerably.

Cyrus Baxter’s death

Cyrus Baxter’s mother Ebonie Baxter has been going live on Facebook since her son’s death. The page is called The Baxters, and it has over 124 thousand followers. Cyrus was the oldest of four children. His older brother Byron is also a YouTube star and suffers from a rare bone disease. Despite the tragic news of Cyrus’s death, his mother and siblings are trying to raise awareness about his passing.

Cyrus’s parents are Byron and Ebonie Baxter, who raised their son Cyrus in a loving home. Cyrus considered his mother an ideal role model. His parents supported him in every aspect of his life.

Ebonie Baxter’s social media influence

It is difficult to determine Ebonie Baxter’s net worth, as she hasn’t publicly stated any specific assets. But her family’s YouTube channel, which has over 123k subscribers and millions of views, is undoubtedly an important source of wealth. In addition, the Baxter family owns clothing lines and businesses.

Ebonie Baxter is married to Byron Baxter. They have a YouTube channel called The Baxter Boys. This channel has more than twelve thousand subscribers and has been used to highlight the plight of Cyrus’s brother, Byron. Ebonie Baxter is also active on Facebook, where she goes by the full name Ebonie Marie Baxter. She lives in Georgia. Her children are Cyrus, Ashlee, Byron, and Byron Baxter, who are active on social media.

Her social media influence may have been the motivational factor for her son, Cyrus. The news was announced on social media by Cyrus’ mother, and it came as a shock to the world. His parents had separated, and Ebonie shared that her son had mental health problems. Her son died of a car accident in 2021.

Her husband Byron Baxter

The net worth of Ebonie Baxter and her husband Byron Baxter is not yet known, but her family’s YouTube channel is popular and has a large audience. They have more than 123k subscribers and are very active on social media. In addition to their YouTube channel, the Baxter family owns various businesses.

Ebonie Baxter’s net worth has been steadily growing thanks to her children. Cyrus Baxter considers his mother perfect and dedicates a special place in his house to her. He is a renowned social media influencer, who also has three children with Byron.

Byron Baxter’s net worth is in the millions. He owns several businesses, including a clothing line. He also has a YouTube channel with over 123k subscribers. In addition to his clothing line, Ebonie Baxter and Byron Baxter have many other properties and income sources.

Her YouTube channel

Ebonie Baxter is a well-known YouTuber and entrepreneur. She has more than 123k subscribers and is the mother of three children. Her YouTube channel is very profitable and she has made a fortune from it. She also owns her own brand and sells merch online. Her family owns several other companies.

She is an inspiration for many young people. Her son Cyrus Baxter, who has a rare bone disease, views his mom’s Facebook live videos. Cyrus had a special place in his heart for his mother. Cyrus’ parents have a net worth of millions, and he isn’t worried about his future.

Ebonie Baxter’s net worth isn’t publicly available, but it’s thought to be in the six figures. However, it’s hard to know for sure what her assets are. Her YouTube channel has more than 123k subscribers and a high number of views. While there is no official confirmation of Ebonie’s net worth, her family is likely to be making plenty of money from the YouTube channel.

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