Easy Treezy Net Worth

How Much is Kurt Stange’s Net Worth?

Kurt Stange developed Easy Treezy, a collapsible cone designed to make setting up artificial Christmas trees easier, as well as selling pre-decorated ones, which have proven popular with customers. His company generates millions in annual sales, and Stange was hoping for success when appearing on Shark Tank; unfortunately, none of the sharks decided to invest.

Kurt Stange is an esteemed entrepreneur with numerous successful businesses under his belt. These include Miami Christmas Lights – which designs and installs large-scale holiday lighting displays for commercial clients – as well as Easy Treezy, an application which makes setting up and taking down artificial Christmas trees quick and effortless.

Kurt first approached Shark Tank seeking an investment of $400,000 for 10% of his company. He claimed he was making $2 Million annually with 35% margin on each tree sold; also showing samples to the sharks of what his product looked like. Robert Herjavec initially expressed an interest; but ultimately rejected the deal due to being too costly.

Kurt continued his business after leaving the show without an agreement, expanding and improving it further. He now has a warehouse with full-time employees working on his project; as well as selling his product in major retail chains such as Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and others; selling various storage bags, decoration kits, garlands and wreaths among other products.

By 2022, Kurt’s business continues to flourish and generate profits. Although his valuation on Shark Tank may have seemed excessive at the time, his company has proven itself as an effective business model.

Though some entrepreneurs have had incredible success after appearing on the show, others have struggled to establish strong foundations for their businesses. It’s essential that entrepreneurs understand what it takes to become successful before trying their luck on this platform; there are some helpful tips available here that may assist them with that endeavor.

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