Dorothy Malone Net Worth

Dorothy Malone Net Worth – How Much Does Dorothy Malone Earn?

Dorothy malone was born on 29 Jan 1924 in Chicago, Illinois and is a famous American Actress. She was a popular Actress who is known for her work on several movies and TV series. Dorothy malone is a highly talented Actress and has been able to earn a good amount of money from her movies. She is one of the most successful Actresses who have made it big in Hollywood.

She completed her schooling from Ursuline Convent, Highland Park High School and Hockaday School. She started her career as a model and then moved to acting. She performed in a drama at Southern Methodist University and was spotted by an RKO scout who offered her a contract.

Her first movie appearance was in the 1944 film Gildersleeve. Her role was minor but she got noticed by critics for her talent and beauty. She was also a skilled dancer. She was a great addition to the movie and it helped her get more roles in future.

Over the next few years, she did some more small and medium roles in various movies. Then she landed the role of a seductive book clerk in the 1946 film The Big Sleep. This film was a major hit and it changed her image. It was the first time that she played a bad girl in a movie. It was a success and she received positive feedback from the critics. After that, she did some more westerns.

Things picked up noticeably when she went platinum blonde, which seemed to emphasize her overt and sensual beauty. She starred opposite Doris Day in the 1954 musical Young at Heart and appeared in the war picture Battle Cry. She continued to find steady work in the Westerns Five Guns West (1955) and Duivels te paard (1955). However, she was not quite a star in the melodramatic romance dud Sincerely Yours (1955).

Her life off-camera did not improve with her marriage to stockbroker Robert Tomarkin, which ended after three months. She married Jacques Bergerac in 1959 but the marriage lasted just over three years. She was later linked with actor Scott Brady.

Dorothy Malone’s final film was a 1992 cameo in the hit thriller Basic Instinct. She died of natural causes on January 19, 2018, at age 93 in Dallas. She is survived by a son, retired US district judge Robert B Maloney, and a daughter, Diane, both of Dallas.

Dorothy Malone was a multi-talented actress who excelled at both comedy and drama. She was an excellent dancer and singer and had a wonderful screen presence. She was also a talented writer and was involved in the production of many of her movies. Her work on television was just as impressive. She was a regular on the ABC soap opera Peyton Place from 1964 to 1969. She was a favorite of the audiences and received many accolades for her work on this show. The steamy series was based on Grace Metalious’s novel and later became a hit movie starring Lana Turner.

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