Diana Vogue Escort

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Her divorce from Prince Charles was an act of self-liberation and triumph. She was accused of colluding with rapacious journalists and milking the press. Then, she filed for divorce, which was an official move but of huge psychological significance. The split was a double win for Diana over the Palace bureaucracy. But Diana isn’t done yet. Her transformation will continue until she has completely shed the royal robes and ensconces herself in a fashion designer’s closet.

Despite the publicity that accompanied Diana’s remuneration, she and Prince Charles attended two functions within a week of her death. The Palace pleaded that smiling was inappropriate at the memorial service. However, they were also escorted to an exclusive event in London. The press coverage of Diana’s death led to several investigations into the escorted Diana’s death. Several people were killed in the incident.

The death of Prince Charles made both Diana and Harry look even more sexy. While there was still an element of mystery surrounding the circumstances surrounding the alleged misdeed, Diana’s new-found independence was a welcome change for both of them. The ensuing media frenzy triggered a resurgence of interest in the royal family. She was able to win the right to lead separate lives while maintaining the royal family. In the UK, a divorce would cause a constitutional crisis.

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