Destiny Payton-williams Net Worth

Destiny Payton-Williams Net Worth

Destiny Payton-Williams is an American Reality TV star. In addition to her TV fame, she is also an entrepreneur. She owns MaDonni Group LLC – an Afro-American beauty supply store in Huntsville – as well as being licensed realtor at Barney Fletcher Realty. As of 2022, this reality star estimated net worth is $5 Million.

She maintains an active social media presence on Instagram with over 20,000 followers; it contains photos of family and friends as well as updates regarding domestic violence victims. Furthermore, she serves as an activist against domestic abuse as well as mentor to young women; in addition to participating in charity events and fundraising initiatives.

Destiny was taken aback when she announced to viewers of Love & Marriage: Huntsville that she and La’Berrick Williams would be divorcing just three weeks after its premiere, prompting speculation that La’Berrick didn’t want to participate in the show in the first place and Destiny used this announcement as leverage against him.

But why did they break up in the first place? According to reports, their relationship had already been in trouble before filming started for the show; La’Berrick wasn’t pleased about his wife appearing there and sought ways to separate himself from her.

He claims he was dissatisfied with how Destiny used their funds, feeling as though he were being exploited financially by Destiny. Destiny denies these allegations and maintains she only wants what’s best for her son.

La’Berrick remains unknown but appears to have an adequate lifestyle. He owns Jell’s 4 Ever BBQ restaurant as well as serving in the military.

Destiny was shocked and stunned to make her announcement during the season 3 premiere of LAMH that she and husband La’Berrick would be parting ways just three weeks after getting married on December 15th 2013; their marriage website states they have two children together.

But things between Destiny and her ex are unlikely to be reconciled so easily; according to reports, she has apparently broken off contact. Unfortunately, that means it is unlikely we will see them back together on the show any time soon; hopefully they can work through their differences to find happiness again soon enough.

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