Deepica Mutyala Net Worth

Deepica Mutyala Net Worth

Deepica Mutyala is an American beauty influencer with an estimated net worth of $1-5 million. In 2015, she went viral with a viral video where she covered her dark under eye circles with red lipstick. This video gained her over 500,000 followers on Instagram, and she performed extremely well on social media. As of 2021, her popularity has only grown, and her net worth will continue to rise. If you are interested in learning more about Deepica Mutyala’s net worth, read on!

Deepica Mutyala is an American beauty influencer

Deepica Mutyala is a South Asian beauty entrepreneur and vlogger. She is best known for her viral YouTube video featuring red lipstick applied to dark under-eye circles. The video has gained over 10 million views and Deepica has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Marie Claire, and Refinery29. Read on to find out more about this beauty influencer. She also shares her personal beauty secrets and tips.

A beauty influencer and hacker, Deepica is regularly invited to illustrate makeup and skincare tips on the TODAY Show. In 2020, she was honoured as one of Entrepreneur’s Most Powerful Women. In January 2021, Deepica revealed on her Instagram account that she was undergoing a procedure to freeze her eggs. She also does a lot of boxing to keep her muscles strong.

As an Indian American beauty influencer, Mutyala has seen a change in the industry. She isn’t the only one who has noticed this shift in the industry. Many celebrities have started their own brands and are listening to consumer needs. Rihanna’s line of cosmetics offers 50 shades of foundation. This has increased the awareness of beauty among people of color and ethnicity. It’s also a good sign for the emergence of a new industry that values diversity and inclusion.

In 2018, Mutyala launched the first South Asian CEO Barbie doll. Her goal is to empower young people to embrace their own skin tone and avoid stereotyping. With this launch, Mutyala plans to expand beyond Huestick and launch more products. She will also partner with QVC and focus on brown and South Asian fans as well. The goal is to build a successful beauty brand that will be a big hit.

She has a YouTube channel

Deepica Mutyala has a YouTube channel, which was launched in January 2015. Her premise is beauty decoded. She is a full-time YouTube personality who is an on-air beauty expert. Deepica also has a website and social media accounts. Watch her videos to learn how to get beautiful and maintain your looks. Follow her on YouTube and stay up-to-date!

The founder and CEO of Live Tinted, Deepica Mutyala is a multi-cultural beauty entrepreneur and a YouTube sensation. Her popular makeup tutorials have earned her millions of YouTube subscribers. Her beauty videos have gone viral, gaining her a wide range of attention from celebrities and the general public. Deepica Mutyala has over 364k followers on Instagram and is a prominent influencer and beauty blogger.

The YouTube star’s earnings are derived from her YouTube channel and her social media profiles. Her beauty videos often draw a wide range of viewers and she regularly posts on various online forums. The actress and blogger is also a member of the Victoria’s Secret PINK Limited Brand. She previously worked at Bichbox for three years. You can follow her on her social media pages to stay updated with her latest vlogs and posts.

Mutyala has leveraged her YouTube presence to launch her makeup line called Live Tinted. This company is aimed at promoting inclusive beauty for underrepresented groups. In 2018, she was named one of Entrepreneur’s 100 Most Powerful Women of 2020 and was crowned “The Shade Shifter” in Marie Claire’s annual list of 25 People Changing the Beauty Industry

She has a salary of $266,000

Deepica Mutyala’s salary is based on several factors, such as her popularity, age, and height. We also have a look at her education, as well as her personal details. Below, you’ll find some of the most important information about her. Among other things, you’ll find out what her net worth is, as well as her relationship status and educational qualifications.

Deepica Mutyala was born on July 4, 1989, in Texas. She is an internet sensation, known for her frequent beauty tutorials and fashion advice vlogs. She was a member of Bichbox for three years, and later joined Victoria’s Secret PINK as an inventory development analyst. In February 2015, she made her first appearance on the Today Show. Her salary is $266,000 per month.

After she moved to Los Angeles, Deepica Mutyala hasn’t been seen out on a date in nearly two years. She is 5’6″ tall and weighs 52 kilograms. She is in good health, with a dark hair color and brown eyes. She is currently single, but she has a few other interests. Deepica Mutyala’s net worth is estimated to be $266,000 based on her current job position and the amount she earns.

She has a net worth of $1-5 million

According to the most recent estimates, Deepica Mutyala has a total net worth of between $1 million and $2 million. The actress, model, and vlogger is known for her frequent beauty and fashion advice vlogs. During her college days, Mutyala worked as an intern at L’Oreal. She has also appeared in several publications and landed a few TV roles.

The internet influence of Deepica Mutyala has helped her to build her net worth. In January 2015, she launched a YouTube channel, and her videos quickly went viral, earning her millions of views. In addition to a successful YouTube career, Deepica Mutyala has appeared on numerous TV shows. She is married to a physician, and they have a son together.

After launching her first product, Deepica Mutyala was a YouTube sensation and a skin-tone cosmetics entrepreneur. In addition to 634k followers on Instagram, she has a YouTube channel with 291k subscribers. Despite her fame, her net worth is estimated at $1 to $5 million. She has not verified her wealth, but her business ventures have made her an influential figure in the world of beauty.

The actress was born on July 4, 1989 in Houston, Texas. She attended the University of Texas School of Business, and obtained her BBA in Marketing. Her parents, Raja Mu and Padmasri Mu, were both physicians. Deepica’s parents are both from India, but she grew up in the United States. Deepica has an estimated net worth of $1-5 million, but there is no official confirmation.

She has been in a relationship for a year

Deepica Mutyala is a YouTube sensation and a multi-millionaire. She earned fame after posting a video showing how she applied red lipstick over her dark circles. Her video went viral, garnering more than ten million views, and has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, and Marie Claire. In January of 2021, she announced on her Instagram account that she was having an egg freezing procedure. She is also known for her regular appearances on television, including the TODAY Show.

In 2021, the actress confirmed that she has been in a relationship. However, this is not entirely certain because her public appearances suggest otherwise. According to her YouTube channel, Deepica Mutyala is in a relationship with a man named Rohit Singh. The video was posted on January 11, 2015, and has gained more than 9 million views since then. Although the relationship status of Deepica Mutyala is unknown, she has been in a relationship since at least one year and has no children.

The relationship has been in the news for the past year, with reports detailing their relationship. Deepica was featured on CNN, the New York Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, and Refinery29. She has also undergone egg freezing, and she has also gotten her share of paparazzi coverage. If the couple continues to date, it will be hard to believe that they haven’t split up.

She has a social media following of 98 million

Live Tinted is an American cosmetics company founded by deepica mutyala. She has an impressive social media following of over 98 million people. Among her achievements, she was recently a judge for the Miss Universe Pageant in May 2021. Moreover, she is also involved with the movement Help India Breathe to raise funds for Covid-19 situations in India. In addition, she is regularly featured on television shows such as the TODAY Show.

Besides her entrepreneurial success, Deepica Mutyala is also a renowned South Asian beauty influencer and entrepreneur. Known for her YouTube beauty tutorials, she is also the founder of the multicultural beauty brand Live Tinted. In 2014, she launched her first product, the Huestick, a color-correcting multi-purpose stick. Her videos have gained millions of views, proving her products are highly effective in addressing the challenges faced by people with dark under eye circles.

The beauty guru grew up in Texas, but her interests were different. She gravitated towards makeup and dreamed of developing products for South Asian women. In college, she studied business administration at the University of Texas at Austin. Her father was not disappointed when she chose a career in YouTube, though he was glad that she had the courage to start her own business. She even decided to move to L.A. in 2021, despite being a little late.

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