Ddg Net Worth 2021

DDG Net Worth 2022

DDG is an American rapper, YouTuber and singer with over 12 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and an impressive net worth estimated to be $2 Million as of 2022. His YouTube channel boasts millions of viewers while his record label also enjoys great popularity. Furthermore, he’s widely recognized on Instagram and Twitter thanks to his humorous reactive videos which often bring laughs. Finally, Instagram and Twitter accounts which host him earn him enormous followings with thousands followings each. He also enjoys huge popularity on all these platforms and earn money. His earnings from these platforms alone result in millions earned him billions worth in earnings alone from these social platforms and more besides.

Dwayne Granberry Jr, better known by his initials DDG, was born October 10, 1997 in Pontiac, Michigan to audio engineer father and retail salesperson mother. DDG completed his education at International Tech Academy before enrolling at Central Michigan University but soon left due to making enough money from YouTube videos and dropping out.

Since then, his career as a rapper has seen tremendous growth; now one of the most visible faces in music. He has collaborated with several acclaimed rappers like Lil Yachty and Famous Dex. Additionally, his unique style of rapping has won him millions of followers on YouTube.

DDG’s entrepreneurial nature led him to start Zooted Music record label in 2020, further building his net worth while supporting new artists. Furthermore, he owns multiple homes that generate extra income; one home tour video on YouTube garnered over 1.3 million views, earning ad revenue. These homes featured Chanel carpets, black marble floors, movie theaters, wine cellars and Off White art installations – earning additional sources of revenue.

DDG boasts an immense social media presence with over 4 million YouTube subscribers and 5 million Instagram followers, as well as being signed with Epic Records and enjoying great popularity on Spotify – particularly known for his hit singles Givenchy and Dope.

DDG has also made his mark as an amateur boxer. In an event pitting TikTok personalities against YouTubers, DDG competed against Nate Wyatt and won.

DDG has recently been linked with American singer Halle Bailey. They have been seen together in Malibu and Las Vegas. He had been previously in a relationship with YouTuber Kennedy Cymone; they began dating in 2017 and became engaged the following year before eventually splitting in summer 2018.

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