Daym Drops Net Worth

Daym Drops Net Worth

Daym Drops’ net worth stands at an estimated $900,000. He amassed his fortune through YouTube videos monetized with advertisements. Furthermore, endorsement deals and partnerships with fast food chains also helped increase his wealth.

Daymon Scott Patterson, commonly known by his online handle Daym Drops, is an influential American food critic known for his YouTube series of takeaway fast food reviews on takeaways and fast food outlets. Since 2010, his videos have amassed millions of views – not to mention numerous TV show appearances!

He boasts an impressive Instagram following of over 102,000, who appreciate his witty comments and sense of humor. A true entertainer, this incredible comedian has amassed an incredible fan base due to his engaging content on social media.

As well as having a popular YouTube channel, he has appeared in Burger King and Popeyes commercials, earning approximately $120K yearly from YouTube alone and another $500K through brand deals and endorsements.

He has caused quite a stir through the years. For instance, in one video of his, he called tomatoes “red rings of death” and lettuce “crunchy water.” Additionally, some of his videos contained profane language.

Regardless of any controversy, he continues to create content loved by his fans. Additionally, he is an incredible comedian with appearances in many television shows; most recently Fresh, Fried & Crispy premiered on Netflix and saw its net worth skyrocket as a result.

Netflix does not disclose their host salaries directly, yet we can estimate they earn more than David Letterman due to their superior pay system compared to legacy production companies.

He is best known for his YouTube videos but is also an author and television show/commercial appearances, food influencer, and owner of Mofon Go in Windsor Connecticut.

His upcoming Netflix show on Connecticut’s best restaurants will showcase food from numerous establishments throughout the Nutmeg State and increase his already high net worth.

He enjoys playing basketball and traveling with his family in his free time, as well as owning an automobile (a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado LT). Most importantly, however, he treasures spending time with Kaitlun and Daij – two children that bring great joy.

He is currently married to Ramyr Gonzales. They met prior to him becoming famous and tied the knot in June 2012. Together they share two children: Kaitlyn and Daij; the pair maintains an undisclosed relationship by not discussing details regarding their personal lives.

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