David Wehner Net Worth

David Wehner Net Worth – The Biggest Contributor to His Wealth

Dave Wehner is an American business executive and serves as Chief Financial Officer of Facebook Inc. since 2014. In this position he oversees finance, facilities and information technology teams of the company. Before joining Facebook he held similar responsibilities at Zynga from August 2010 until November 2012. Earlier he also served as Managing Director at New York investment banking firm Allen & Company LLC where he provided principal investing and corporate finance roles focusing on media, communications and technology industries.

Wehner holds an impressive educational background, including a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Georgetown University and Master of Science in Applied Physics from Stanford University. Additionally, he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and earned an M.B.A. degree from The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

Wehner has also amassed an impressive personal fortune – estimated to be over $110 million – thanks to his time spent working at various major companies; one specifically has provided the foundation of this fortune, though.

Meta Platforms, Inc. (Nasdaq: META), Wehner’s primary source of wealth creation, provides platforms that facilitate the creation and distribution of immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences to industries including gaming, education, healthcare and communications. Unfortunately Meta has recently seen its stock price slip nearly 4% this year as revenue decreased last quarter while free cash flow is projected to decline next year.

David Wehner, Meta’s CFO, remains optimistic for the company despite its challenges. According to him, Meta will invest in technology and product development, with revenue likely recovering over time. Additionally, Wehner predicts that operating expenses may decrease as it becomes more efficient and expands operations.

David Wehner is an integral figure at Facebook and, accordingly, owns an impressive shareholding in the company. According to an SEC filing from 2022, Wehner held 831,706 Class A shares and 349,745,790 Class B shares as of that year – third only behind Mark Zuckerberg (349,745,790 Class A shares) and Sheryl Sandberg (497,582 Class A shares).

Wehner has made numerous trades in META stock over time. The largest was on 30 March 2012 when he ordered to sell 447,082 shares worth $5,271,097 at once. On average he trades about 22,725 units every 38 days at over $87,000,000 total value per transaction – you can view his full trading history here.

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