Dash Crofts Net Worth

Dash Crofts Net Worth

American musician Dash Crofts’ estimated net worth is estimated to exceed one million dollars. As one of the iconic members of Seals and Crofts, he is widely recognized for songs such as Summer Breeze, Hummingbird and Diamond Girl – popular tunes he is best known for. Born in Cisco Texas on February 10, 1935; married with one child named Amelia; follows Bahai religious doctrine.

Recently, he had been living and working on a ranch near Johnson City, Texas – only five miles from where his great-grandfather ran his cattle ranch back in the nineteenth century. Along with his second wife he oversees several Egyptian Arabian horses and alpacas as well as occasionally picking up an old mandolin and fingerboarding it; although not currently playing professionally he enjoys entertaining guests with traditional country music.

He was first part of Dean Beard’s band in 1958 before heading west to join Glen Campbell and the Champs. There he met Jim Seals who also belonged to this band; together they formed Seals and Crofts which went on to sell over 60 million records worldwide!

Both were from the same town in West Texas and shared many interests; both played fiddle tunes, country tunes, hoedowns, polkas, and waltzes as children. When they first formed their band they hadn’t planned on making music a career; soon however they found themselves opening for major artists at famed venues and earning good money; thanks to their combined musical talent they created a distinctive sound for their band.

Seals and Crofts quickly became one of the premier soft rock acts of their era, reaching number one on the charts with hits like “Summer Breeze,” “Get Closer,” and “Diamond Girl.” As touring artists they performed all around the globe and became beloved icons to an entire generation.

Reunited in 1991, their popularity remained at its height. Touring worldwide and appearing in top-rated shows on TV were still two hallmarks of success for these iconic performers; concert earnings totalled millions and they made an amazing living from music alone.

These two singers, both residents of Texas, were close in real life. Hunting and fishing were two hobbies they shared together; as were watching sports games together and caring about cars; additionally they both loved cooking and gardening.

Seals passed away in 2022 from an unknown chronic continuing illness, while his partner Crofts experienced poor health as a performer and stopped performing in 2017. Crofts currently resides on a ranch in Texas Hill Country but has also lived in Mexico, Australia and Nashville, Tennessee.

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