Darren Sharper Net Worth

Darren Sharper Net Worth

Darren Mallory Sharper is an American football player best known for his 14 years spent in the National Football League (NFL). During that time he amassed numerous interceptions and received various accolades throughout his career.

He was born November 3rd 1975 in Richmond Virginia and attended Hermitage High School of Henrico County to showcase his football abilities on the gridiron before going on to the College of William and Mary as quarterback before switching positions to become defensive back later on.

Sharper’s professional football career started with the Green Bay Packers. Following several seasons with them, he went on to the Minnesota Vikings and finally New Orleans Saints where he would win multiple Super Bowls while becoming one of the greatest safeties ever seen in NFL history.

But matters quickly turned sour when women began reporting incidents of sexual abuse at his hands, which included allegations of raping and drugging multiple women across multiple states. He eventually pled guilty to numerous counts in federal and state courts in Louisiana, California, and Arizona while also pleading no contest to one charge of sexual assault against two women in Las Vegas.

Sharper was eventually given a sentence of 20 years for multiple rape and drug charges. Restitution must also be paid out. Since his arrest, he has avoided publicity by remaining quiet about his personal life or commenting on reports that he fathered a son with former partner Patricia Hall.

Even amid controversy, former player Robert Sharper enjoys considerable fan following, particularly among female supporters who love his signature “Sharper Shake” after every major play and are attracted by his good looks and courteous manners.

Darren Sharper is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $8 Million. Most of his wealth was earned through his successful NFL and later broadcasting football career and investments in real estate; but, following his criminal conviction, many properties have been sold off to cover restitution payments.

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