Daphne Guinness Net Worth

Daphne Guinness Net Worth

Daphne Guinness is a British-Irish model, socialite and heiress to one of Ireland’s premier beer companies – Guinness. In addition to her modeling career and social life, she also works as fashion designer, author, perfumer, film producer, film collector and art collector. Additionally she has established her clothing line and worked as photographer/actress – her short films like Cashback and Evening in Space have received critical acclaim and she designed a perfume range for Comme des Garcons as well.

Fashion designer Naomi Campbell boasts an estimated net worth of $100 Million. Her assets include her $14 Million home in New York City. In addition, she collects modern and contemporary artworks. Furthermore, Campbell has participated in several charity events to assist others; for instance she walked in Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief shows raising funds for victims of natural disasters.

She is also a talented singer-songwriter; Fatal Flaw was featured in a short sci-fi movie titled The Legend of Lady White Snake; its video premiered in 2013. Her music career has been quite fruitful; she has recorded multiple tracks for her album.

Daphne was raised between London and Ireland by Jonathan Guinness, 3rd Baron Moyne, and Suzanne Lisney – her father being Jonathan Guinness himself, with seven siblings including two immediate siblings (one immediate brother and six step-siblings) including Catherine the artist (her older sister) and Jasper the filmmaker (her younger). Unfortunately her mother passed away due to lung cancer.

Guinness married Spyros Niarchos in 1987 and they had three children together – sons Nicholas and Lex, as well as daughter Ines Sophia. However, after nine years together they divorced. She currently resides both in Manhattan and London with her children.

Heiress holds an affinity for classical music and had aspirations to become an opera singer. Additionally, she is an avid gum-chewer – estimated to chew about 10 pieces daily! – who keeps a stash of Nicorette gum in her bag.

Even with her busy schedule, she makes time for exercise every day. She usually wakes up naturally at 7 AM and begins her day with a cup of tea before going directly to the gym to work out her body. Additionally, she actively takes part in various charitable works including auctioning her wardrobe in support of women’s issues.

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