Danny Mccray Net Worth

The Net Worth of Danny McCray

The net worth of Danny McCray, an American football special teams player, is estimated at $3 million. Although he retired from the NFL in 2014, he is still considered a notable personality. He is married to Kiki McCray, a longtime girlfriend, and they have a daughter named Zoe Ann McCray.

Danny McCray is a former American football special teams player

Danny McCray is an American football special teams player who played for the Dallas Cowboys from 2010 to 2014. He was drafted as an undrafted free agent and played special teams for the Cowboys. During his time with the Cowboys, he recorded 196 tackles on special teams. He left the Cowboys after the 2010 season and signed with the Chicago Bears. He then returned to the Cowboys for the 2015 season, but was not re-signed by the team.

Danny McCray was born on March 10, 1988, in Houston, Texas. He attended Westfield High School and played football throughout his high school career. As a senior, he earned first-team all-district honors. After graduating from high school, he went on to play on special teams for the Louisiana State University. He was able to contribute to the team’s special teams, gaining experience playing linebacker, safety, and special teams. During his career, he recorded 196 tackles and seven tackles for loss.

He played for the Dallas Cowboys

Danny McCray is a retired football player who was a member of the Dallas Cowboys during his playing days. He is married to Kiki McCray and has a daughter named Zoe Ann. In 2015, he retired from football. The reason behind his retirement is unknown but it is likely due to personal reasons. Recently, he has been active in the entertainment industry. He has appeared in reality TV shows like Survivor and The Challenge USA.

Besides playing for the Dallas Cowboys, Danny McCray has also appeared on popular American reality television shows, including Survivor and The Challenge USA. His net worth is unknown at this time, and he has not divulged any details about his salary.

He has an estimated net worth of $3 million

Danny McCray has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. He is a former NFL player who played for the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears. He has also appeared on reality television shows including Survivor and The Challenge USA. The winning contestants of these reality shows receive a sum of money of up to $100k. Currently, McCray is working as a Camps Manager at the Dallas Cowboys. Before this, he was an Account Manager Intern for the NFL.

McCray is a native of Houston, Texas, United States. He was born to Roger Wayne Harris and La Quita McCray-Harris. He has two sisters. Before joining the NFL, Danny was an active student and participated in a number of sports. He attended Louisiana State University and played football on the school team.

He is a free-form performer

Danny McCray is an American football player with a net worth of one million dollars. He has spent four seasons in the NFL, including one season with the Chicago Bears. While he was on the field, he was known for his free-form performances. He was a free safety who often backed up linebackers and safetys. He has also been a part of reality TV shows such as Survivor and NFL on CBS.

Danny McCray is an active user of social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. He joined Twitter in 2010 and currently has over 28,000 followers. He has 1,872 followers on Instagram. He has also recently married his wife, Kiki McCray, a psychotherapist, in April 2019. The couple is expecting their first child, a daughter named Zoe Ann McCray.

He is a father to a little girl

Danny McCray is a father of a little girl named Zoe Ann. He lost about twenty pounds while competing on Survivor 41. Later, he was cast in The Challenge USA, a reality television show that pits teams against each other in both physical and mental challenges. This series debuted on CBS in July 2022. In the spring of 2019, Danny and Kiki McCray announced that they would be having a baby. They welcomed their daughter, Zoe Ann, in September 2020.

After leaving the NFL, Danny McCray reunited with Joe DeCamillis. In 2015, he was cast in the 41st season of the reality show Survivor. The series revolves around the survival of a group of contestants in a remote location for the purpose of winning a cash prize. The 41st season was filmed in Fiji. Danny McCray formed strong social ties with many of his competitors. He finished sixth in the competition. However, he was ultimately voted out unanimously.

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