Danny Kilpatrick Net Worth

Danny Kilpatrick Net Worth – An Insight

Danny Kilpatrick is a famous American actor and rapper. He is also a tattoo artist and business owner. He has gained fame in the show, Black Ink Crew, as a cast member. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He is a family man and has two daughters. He is happily married to Kyla Pratt and lives a blissful life with her and his children.

He was born on 26 November 1986 and is an American national. His father is a former police officer and his mother is a retired nurse. He has a sister who is an actress. He started his career as a singer and rapper. He has a huge fan following and is well-known on social media. He has an active social media page where he shares pictures of his family and himself. He also posts about his work and other interesting stuff.

As a part of his acting career, he has appeared in several TV shows and movies. He has done roles in television series such as Mystery ER and also in a movie called Decent People. He has a height of 5 feet and is known for his versatile talent. He has an impressive body and is also a great dancer.

Danny has a good earning potential as he works in various fields. He has been a rapper and actor since 2005 and has performed in different places. He has a strong passion for music and is known to have written songs as well. He has released his first music album in 2015, titled New Comp City under Roulette Media Records. Besides acting and singing, he is an experienced tattoo artist and owns a studio in Los Angeles.

In his personal life, he has a long-term relationship with actress Kyla Pratt. They have been together for over a decade and have two beautiful daughters together. They share an incredible bonding and are very supportive of each other. The lovebirds are often found posting about their beautiful daughters on their social media accounts.

Despite working in two fields, the couple manages to balance their work and family life very well. They are very much committed towards their children and always give them utmost priority in their busy schedules. Moreover, they are also very conscious of their health and always try to keep themselves fit by exercising and eating healthy food.

The couple has been dating for over a decade and got engaged in April 2011. They have two beautiful daughters together, Lyric and Liyah. They are a happy and successful couple living their dreams and enjoying every moment of their togetherness.

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