Daniel Kinahan Net Worth

Daniel Kinahan Net Worth

Daniel Kinahan Net Worth is an Irish gangster and boxing promoter with an estimated annual net worth of $20 Million. He was named by the High Court of Ireland as a senior figure in global organized crime networks, such as those run by Christy Kinahan (known for being one of Ireland’s premier drug dealers and founding the Kinahan cartel) while Christopher is another significant player within the family empire.

As known by his nickname ‘The Pigeon,’ Eddie Hutch used an intricate network of fake businesses to mask his drug dealing activities. This included property purchases made using compensation claims from criminal associates as well as luxury cars he acquired through those claims. Furthermore, Eddie was known to supply Irish with drugs – once placing a bounty on any member of Hutch family which led to a bloodbath between Eddie and the police that ended with Eddie being shot dead in his vehicle.

Kinahan and his family have amassed an immense fortune from illegal drug trading. Additionally, they have amassed a multimillion-euro fortune through money-laundering operations across Europe and America that they control – all thanks to an elaborate smuggling operation they’ve been running for years.

Authorities are beginning to closely inspect the group’s assets and money-laundering operations; indeed, the High Court of Ireland described them as being of “significant nature.”

The US Department of Treasury recently added seven members of the Kinahan cartel to its Specially Designated Nationals list in an attempt to curtail their international financial activity. As part of this initiative, $5 million is available in exchange for information regarding finances and operations of this cartel.

Tallant is convinced the Kinahan family are being shaken up by US Justice Department efforts to investigate and prosecute for money laundering, with extradition threats coming their way and fears being cast over extradition proceedings in America. “That is their biggest fear.”

Kinahan not only helps his fighters make big money in the ring, he also benefits financially by securing endorsements and sponsorship deals with companies like Adidas and Everlast. Unfortunately, as Kinahan’s reputation has come under increasing scrutiny, some of the world’s premier boxers have begun distancing themselves from MTK Global, his management firm.

Kinahan remains a force in boxing despite controversy, expanding MTK Global with fighters such as Darren Till and Tyson Fury under his management. Additionally, Kinahan’s fame as a promoter enabled some of boxing’s biggest stars such as Fury to realize their dreams through MTK Global; such as signing them as employees. Kinahan secured several megafights between Fury and Tyson before his death last December.

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