Dale Jarrett Net Worth

A Closer Look at Dale Jarrett’s Net Worth

Dale Jarrett is one of the most revered names in motorsports. A three-time Daytona 500 winner, this racing icon has amassed an incredible net worth of $35 Million from his extensive career – earning his status as an iconic racing figure through hard work and dedication over decades of hard racing. His excellent driving skills and timing has cemented his status in racing culture.

Dale Jarrett has found success both racing and broadcasting television, after retiring as a driver in 2008. Following this he joined NBC Sports team as NASCAR commentator; his insightful commentary and charming personality quickly become favorites among NASCAR fans. Furthermore, he has appeared in several racing documentaries such as The 600: History of NASCAR’s Toughest Race and Southern Speed.

Jarrett amassed much of his fortune through an outstanding racing career that began at Hickory Motor Speedway in 1977 as a Limited Sportsman Division race. After two years he moved up to Late Model Sportsman division driving his Chevrolet Camaro for three more years before winning one of five Miller High Life 500 starts at Pocono Raceway before transitioning over to Winston Cup Series for further success.

He won the Winston Cup Series championship three times and 11 total victories during his racing career, as well as making millions through sponsorship deals and TV appearances. Additionally, he has invested in real estate properties nationwide and currently owns multiple properties across the U.S.

Dale Jarrett is also known for being an accomplished family man, boasting his wife Kelley Jarrett as well as three children: Zach, Natalee and Karsyn Jarrett. The former couple divorced but remain close; Zach married Kelley after dating for six years before eventually marrying in 1984 after six years together dating; however they later separated while remaining friends and had three children: Zach Jarrett, Natalee Jarrett and Karsyn jarrett are now adults but remain close friends as they co-parent their three offspring – Zach is Zach’s, while Natalee Jarrett is from another mother-son duo in that order).

Dale Jarrett has made himself into an accomplished businessman beyond being a racing commentator. He owns and operates the Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure theme park in North Carolina as well as owning a Ford dealership there. Additionally, he has collaborated with other sports figures on various ventures; co-owning fantasy sports website Pay The Fan alongside Terry Bradshaw and Brett Favre is just one example; additionally he owns and operates his Ford dealership there as well as operating it successfully himself.

Dale Jarrett remains committed to his family and staunchly supports military. Additionally, he’s involved with several charities and children’s hospitals and often shares behind-the-scenes photos and videos from his racing career on social media, creating an engaging fan experience for followers. Furthermore, USG and Coca-Cola have collaborated with him on promotional campaigns while hosting charitable events throughout his career.

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