Dale Bozzio Net Worth

Dale Bozzio Net Worth – How Much Is Dale Bozzio Worth?

Dale Bozzio is an award-winning pop singer from the United States who has garnered much acclaim and earned considerable wealth through her singing career. Bozzio boasts an immense fan base worldwide and boasts a tremendous voice to boot! She has appeared on multiple television programs as a singer while becoming one of the acclaimed names of music industry.

She made waves as both a Playboy bunny in the ’70s and Hustler cover girl during the ’80s, becoming best-known as co-founder and lead singer of new wave band Missing Persons; co-founded and performed alongside Frank Zappa on Joe’s Garage and Thing-Fish; played significant roles.

Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and Lady Gaga have both acknowledged her influence, with Lady Gaga even speaking openly of it during one of her interviews. In the 1980s, she was one of the most glamorous performers, widely considered one of the founders of new wave music.

Bozzio has been married twice and is the mother of two. She met Terry Bozzio while singing for Frank Zappa in the 1970s; the two became spouses in 1979. Together they formed Missing Persons with Warren Cuccurullo as touring guitarist and bassist/guitarist Terry Bottum as bassist/guitarist; this new wave band achieved considerable success until disbanding in 1986.

Mark Arm, a rock guitarist/singer/songwriter whom she divorced in 1996. Since then she has had several relationships and currently is single again; living in Ossipee, N.H. where she has been charged with animal cruelty for keeping several cats in poor conditions and is expected to not be found guilty of animal abuse charges.

Dale Frances Consalvi was born March 2nd 1955 in Massachusetts USA as a Pisces. As of 2022 she has reached 67 years of age. At 5’5″ her height stands at 5’5, while she weighs 65 kg 143 lbs with blonde hair color and light brown eyes.

Shane Maximilian and Troy Sebastian are her children, and Pepper her dog. Her hobbies include surfing, hiking and painting as well as golf and horseback riding – she regularly attends Boston sports team games as a fan!

Dale Bozzio reportedly reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million. As a singer she has earned significant wealth through her career and enjoys worldwide acclaim, possessing a huge house with many rooms for entertaining fans around the globe. Bozzio was known as Playboy Bunny and Hustler cover girl before leading band Missing Persons with an iconic voice and dynamic stage presence; and later joined Missing Persons band Missing Persons where she performed as lead vocalist until 2005 when Missing Persons was formed – lasting four decades of musical success for Bozzio musically speaking! She loves animals as evidenced by owning many cat houses at home in Ossipee, N.H.

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