Crazy Russian Hacker Net Worth

Crazy Russian Hacker Net Worth

Crazy Russian Hacker net worth is a famous American YouTube channel owner. He is known for his YouTube videos showing life hacks and scientific experiments. He is also known for his product reviews and demonstrations.

Taras Kulakov has an estimated net worth of $5 million, which is primarily from his YouTube career. His channel Crazy Russian Hacker has over 11.5 million subscribers and he publishes videos about life hacks, science experiments, and DIY. His videos are popular and many have been featured in various media outlets, including the Huffington Post.

In addition to his main YouTube channel, Taras has two other channels that supplement his income. He launched his first channel in 2009, which was named origami768 and focused on origami tutorials. After he got a taste of YouTube success, he created his second channel in 2012, which is titled CrazyRussianHacker. His third channel is a vlog, called Kul Farm, which has over 368K followers.

As of late, Taras has had to remove a number of his videos due to the content not meeting YouTube’s community guidelines. The removal of these videos hasn’t hurt his reputation, as his audience has continued to support him and his content. However, Taras is working to bring back the gun videos.

His most viewed video to date is a drop test in which he dropped 30 lb of dry ice into a pool. This video has garnered over 11 million views to date. The video is quite gruesome, but it has been an overwhelming success for the channel and has brought in a huge amount of revenue for the channel.

Despite having a massive following, Taras is quite humble and down to earth. He loves his fans and treats them with respect. He has a very positive attitude and is always looking for ways to improve his content. He’s an incredibly hard worker, which is why he has made such an incredible fortune in such a short period of time.

In addition to his YouTube career, Taras has an impressive social media presence, with over 500,000 likes on his Facebook page and nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram. He uses his social media platforms to connect with his fans and keep them up-to-date on his latest videos. Taras Kulakov is a true inspiration for people looking to pursue their dreams and achieve success. We hope to see more success from the YouTuber in the future!

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