Crazy Lamp Lady Net Worth

Crazy Lamp Lady Net Worth

Jocelyn Elizabeth is a popular YouTuber and thrifter who uses her knowledge of antiques to make money on eBay. Her channel, Crazy Lamp Lady, is full of tips and tricks for finding vintage items and reselling them. The videos on her channel are highly engaging and she has a large audience. Jocelyn Elizabeth has an estimated net worth of $550,000, based on her YouTube advertising revenue and brand sponsorships. She also makes a significant amount of money from her reselling channels and eBay sales.

Known for her passion of turning thrifted items into treasures, Jocelyn Elizabeth has been active on the YouTube platform since 2016. She began her career as a freelance writer for American Digger magazine where she wrote a column twice a week called “Dirt Diaries: confessions of a compulsive digger.” Her incredible career journey helped her earn a massive following on her YouTube channel.

Her hobby of metal detecting has also become her source of income as she travels across different locations to create videos on treasure hunting. She has a huge interest in collecting rare coins and she is even considered as the ‘gold digger’ of America. She has a great skill in finding old items and sells them at a decent price on her eBay account.

Jocelyn is a huge fan of Garrett metal detectors and she is good friends with the people who are in the manufacturing department. She has also started a line of t-shirts that she sells on her website to help support her hobby. The shirts are designed to showcase her love for the hobby and the equipment that she uses.

Crazy Lamp Lady is a famous thrifter and she has been featured on various websites and shows for her amazing finds. She is a member of several forums that have helped her grow her online presence and get new customers. She has also made a lot of friends in the thrifting community and works with them regularly to find unique items. She has also created her own vlogs and blogs to show the world her treasure hunts.

It’s unclear whether or not she is married, but it seems like she has a happy life. She lives with her boyfriend who shares the same interests as she does. They enjoy traveling and spend a lot of time together. She is known for her goofy side and she loves to make people laugh.

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