Cool Wazoo Net Worth

Cool Wazoo Net Worth – How Much is Ginelle’s Cool Wazoo Worth?

Ginelle Mills, a mother and business entrepreneur, founded Cool Wazoo to meet her baby product needs as a changing pad, restaurant high chair cover, grocery cart cover, automobile shade cover and bucket swing seat insert. After witnessing her daughter being burned by an electric swing at playground, Ginelle conceived of this multifunctional baby product designed to serve multiple functions simultaneously: as changing pad, restaurant high chair cover, grocery cart cover and automobile shade cover as well as bucket swing seat insert – reflecting heat away from sensitive children so as to never expose their sensitive skin directly. The material used for Cool Wazoo is designed so as never expose any vulnerable surfaces exposed by those dangerous objects present within.

Ginelle asked for $65,000 investment for 25% ownership, yet was unsuccessful in her attempts. Even so, Ginelle has seen significant success since appearing on QVC shopping channel due to increased exposure.

Ginelle’s Cool Wazoo is currently being sold online through her website and various retailers, garnering rave customer reviews about its versatility and convenience. Additionally, its online presence has led to it being featured on several television programs and events; as of March 2023 it is estimated to be worth an estimated $1 million.

Ginelle’s Cool Wazoo was licensed and distributed under the brand Comfort and Harmony by Babies R Us following its appearance on Shark Tank, thanks to Lori Greiner. As part of their deal, production costs were cut back while profit margins improved, which made Cool Wazoo more competitively priced and attracted wider parent appeal. Furthermore, Cool Wazoo has been given a brand new website as well as Shopify storefront.

After initially experiencing some lackluster sales since its debut on the show, Cool Wazoo has seen sales steadily increase and expanded further through partnerships and promotional activities. Recently, Cool Wazoo joined forces with Ad Age to produce TV commercials for Target that have earned praise from both consumers and media outlets alike, many of whom praised its creative use within each spot. Target’s commercials featuring Cool Wazoo have been airing across their television, print, and digital platforms and have received widespread acclaim for their innovative use of product and its benefits for parents. Many viewers praised its creative use as well as convenience and functionality – with many noting its continued rise in sales and popularity in future years.

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