Collingsworth Family Net Worth

The Collingsworth Family Net Worth

The Collingsworth Family is an American musical group with over 145,000 subscribers on YouTube. Their talents have proven popular worldwide, earning them significant profits through music downloads from their website. Achieve such immense fame is not easy; rather it represents years of hard work by The Collingsworth Family to reach where it has.

Since their high school days, this father-and-son duo has been singing together. Now performing more than 100 shows annually, their songs range from inspirational anthems to romantic ballads – entertaining audiences from elderly adults to small children alike. Additionally, this family act is especially beloved among members of our military as they tour regularly with USO tours to bring joy and entertainment to them.

Watching the Collingsworth Family sing “Love Remains” demonstrates its immense power of love over obstacles. Additionally, these individuals are extremely generous as they give back to the community through various projects.

Phil and Kim Collingsworth formed their musical gang initially with one other couple; now there are nine members in total! Brooklyn Blair, Courtney Metz and Phillip Collingsworth Jr have since joined them on tour to bring gospel music fans across America an incredible musical experience.

This summer, The Collingsworths will travel to Liberty University in Ohio in order to record two live concerts for their forthcoming DVD release. Accompanied by musicians from Liberty’s School of Music – both current students and alumni alike – their concert performances will take place in Center for Music and Worship Arts Concert Hall with seating capacity exceeding 2000.

As one of America’s wealthiest families, the Koch brothers boast an estimated net worth of nearly $100 billion thanks to their oil refinery business that generates around this figure every year. After David Koch passed away this August and Charles took his place, they pledged much of their fortune toward cancer research, hospitals, education, and cultural institutions through their charitable foundation.

Not content to simply rely on their inheritances, the Koch brothers have amassed an extraordinary fortune through real estate investments and venture capital. Notably, they own several luxury homes while investing in ventures such as Colorado Rockies baseball team and Dallas Cowboys football club. Furthermore, in addition to extensive real estate holdings they own, their investments include companies producing biofuels – which make up some of their real estate holdings as well. They’re one of the largest producers of ethanol in America!

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