Colion Noir Net Worth

Colion Noir Net Worth in 2023

Colion Noir was born November 27, 1983 in Houston, Texas and is an American citizen. He is best known as an NRA member, gun rights activist and lawyer as well as hosting their web series Noir on National Rifle Association’s online video channel. Through YouTube he has amassed quite a following through his controversial videos discussing various subjects; additionally he has featured in multiple NRA News videos.

Colion Noir is an advocate of the Second Amendment who frequently posts photos on his social media channels of himself with firearms or weapons, including firearms. Additionally, his website addresses Second Amendment-related topics while selling merchandise. Since beginning his YouTube channel in January 2011 with 2.01 million subscribers (his estimated net worth as of 2023 is an estimated $1 Million).

While it is difficult to ascertain exactly how much money he makes from his channel, one can assume he receives some income through ads. His Instagram page features luxury cars and weapons which give some idea of his lifestyle; additionally he has a Twitter account where he regularly expresses his thoughts and opinions with others.

Colion was raised by two police officers – his father being an officer himself and mother being a homemaker – and initially felt intimidated to express his interest in guns due to social stigma in his neighborhood, but eventually began collecting firearms after becoming more informed on the topic. Colion often points out in his YouTube videos that he stands out as not typical NRA member as someone young and black – an observation which resonates through many NRA membership organizations today.

Attracting over 900,00 subscribers on YouTube alone, he is widely recognized as an authoritative black commentator within the National Rifle Association (NRA). Featured in NRA News videos and considered their most prominent black voice commentator. Speaking at various NRA conventions as well as his social media activity; regularly uploading content onto his channel that boasts of being well-known online.

He spends his free time enjoying various sports such as golf, fishing, basketball and tennis. Additionally, he cherishes spending time with family and friends; in particular, his affectionate canine pet Rocco whom he deeply cherishes. Furthermore, he likes cooking and traveling as hobbies.

Colion and his longtime partner appear to be very content together, although Colion prefers to keep his personal life private by not disclosing any details of past relationships and isn’t open about talking about love in public forums or media platforms.

Colion is a wealthy individual who has built his fortune through hard work and determination, serving as an example to others looking to fulfill their own dreams. We wish him all of the best with his future endeavors; he’s an asset to NRA and we wish for continued success on social media channels; this article will be updated once we receive additional details regarding both aspects of his personal and professional lives.

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