Chuck Surack Net Worth

What Is Chuck Surack’s Net Worth?

Chuck Surack is the founder and CEO of Sweetwater Sound, the largest online retailer for musical instruments and pro audio in the U.S. Since 1979, Sweetwater Sound has grown into one of the country’s biggest retailers with sales of more than $1 billion annually – employing 1,800 staff in Fort Wayne across its nearly one million square-foot complex; selling everything from guitars to DJ mixers and DAW software as well as owning various local businesses including Longe Optical eyeglass stores, charter services Sweet Aviation & Helicopters as well as car dealership – as well as operating Longe Optical eyeglass stores, charter services Sweet Aviation & Helicopters as well as car dealership Sweet Cars.

Chuck Surack showed early signs of entrepreneurialism by manufacturing and selling potholders as part of his paper route business. Later he pursued music professionally as both a saxophonist and keyboardist in touring bands, before in 1979 founding Sweetwater Sound – an independent four-track recording studio housed within his Volkswagen bus! Within just three years the business grew immensely and moved out from under his house into its own 5,000 sq. foot building with five employees working under him.

Since its founding, GearFest has evolved into a multi-building, 340,000 square foot retail, studio and warehouse complex employing more than 1,200 staff with family ownership still remaining intact. GearFest remains an industry leader, offering more than 700 brands of equipment at their annual GearFest events and providing customers with outstanding service just like they expect when shopping their website or physical locations.

Surack’s company continues to flourish, drawing in suitors such as private-equity firms and competitors such as Guitar Center – but Surack remains firm on keeping control of it himself, insisting on maintaining one-on-one customer relationships as its most advantageous competitive edge.

Surack’s commitment to community involvement extends far beyond Sweetwater, the company he built from the ground up. He serves as board member of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra, Global Leadership Summit & Beyond Fort Wayne, Canterbury School, as well as receiving several awards recognizing his work such as BCA 10 Award from Business Council for the Arts and Governor’s Arts Award. In his free time he enjoys flying helicopters and playing saxophone; together with wife Lisa they have two children living in Fort Wayne Indiana.

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