Christian Audigier Net Worth

Christian Audigier Net Worth

Christian Audigier was both an iconic clothing designer and successful entrepreneur. He founded Ed Hardy fashion brand, beloved among celebrities like Madonna and Ashton Kutcher; known for unapologetic, bold designs which dominated the 2000s; died aged 57 at Nathalie Sorenson with four children reportedly worth an estimated $250 Million net worth reportedly.

Audigier was born in Avignon, France and began his modeling career during the early 60s before moving to New York and Los Angeles to work with brands including Von Dutch and Ed Hardy before launching his own clothing line called Audigier Collections – becoming popular among celebrities while becoming one of the most coveted labels ever!

Attracting attention with his unique designs of clothing lines, shoes and handbags as well as his rock and roll-influenced styles. In particular, he was well known for his love of the Rolling Stones (he could often be found wearing their merchandise) and later joined a club at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas as a partner.

After the death of his first wife, he wed another model named Nathalie Sorenson and they have since been living together in Los Angeles with four children and a house in Hollywood Hills.

In January, he was diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome), the same bone disease Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts battled in 2012. Following chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant in March, he began improving. Unfortunately, however, he was readmitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital this week for further treatments, where he would return 2-3 times each week before eventually succumbing.

He owned multiple properties during his life and was known for being generous toward family and friends when they needed help. He enjoyed traveling and enjoyed living a luxurious lifestyle – golfing and tennis were among his many passions.

Audigier sold Ed Hardy to Iconix Brand Group Inc for $62 million in 2011, as well as Crystal Rock clothing line inspired by his daughter Crystal. Audigier was an extremely gifted and successful designer and entrepreneur; his death is truly saddening; we believe he will long be remembered by his fans and friends for his contributions to fashion industry, being revered as an icon and loved by so many; we hope his family finds comfort during this challenging time.

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