Chris Laundrie Net Worth

Chris Laundrie Net Worth

As of now, chris laundrie net worth is yet to be revealed. But the fact that his family owns a business that distributes and services commercial juice equipment means that he could be worth a pretty penny. He also lives in a lavish home with his wife. He is believed to be in his early 60s and is an American citizen.

Christopher Laundrie lives with his wife Roberta in a single-story home located in North Port, Sarasota County, Florida. The couple also owns a juice company. According to reports, Chris has an estimated net worth of $5 million and lives a lavish lifestyle. The couple has two children – a son and daughter.

Laundrie has been in the spotlight since his girlfriend Gabby Petito’s mysterious disappearance and later discovery of her partial skeletal remains in a park in Wyoming. According to sources, Laundrie wrote in a journal that he was responsible for her death. In addition, he left behind his backpack and revolver that was found near her body in the forest.

The pair met as teenagers and lived together in Blue Point, New York before moving into Laundrie’s parents’ home in Florida in 2019. Despite the fact that they were engaged to get married, they broke up a few months before the incident occurred.

Before her disappearance, Petito worked as a hostess at a local restaurant and was enrolled at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington. She took time off from work during the COVID-19 pandemic to travel with Laundrie to places like Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, and Pismo Beach. When she went missing, he didn’t notify his employer or family.

Following her disappearance, the police seized items from Laundrie’s house, including his journal and a holster. He is currently the main suspect in her murder. He was also seen in a picture taken by the FBI showing him standing next to Petito’s remains.

Despite the rumors of him being involved in the murder of Gabby, he insists that he is not guilty. His attorney, Steve Bertolino, has denied any conspiracy theories on the internet and has assured the public that his client will not face a prison sentence.

The family of Gabby’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, has filed a $30 million wrongful death lawsuit against Laundrie’s estate. The suit claims that the estate assisted him in fleeing after killing her and that he intentionally killed her. The lawsuit is scheduled to be heard in 2023.

The parents of Gabby, Joe and Nicole Petito, have said they plan to donate any money received from their lawsuit against Laundrie’s estate to the family’s foundation that aims to address domestic violence. The lawsuit was filed in May and is expected to go to trial next year. During the case, both sides are expected to submit evidence. Several experts will testify at the hearing and present their findings to the judge. If the plaintiff wins, she will receive compensation for the emotional distress she suffered from the loss of her daughter.

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