Chase Dillon Age

Chase Dillon is 12 years old and is of African American heritage. He has four siblings. His father is an NBA player and his mother is a retired teacher. He is a proud member of the First Wives Club and enjoys traveling with his friends. He is unlikely to get involved in controversy as a teenager.

The 12-year-old actor hails from Lafayette, Louisiana. He has been acting since he was young and has appeared in numerous television shows. He is a member of the comedy series First Wives Club, where he plays the role of Ollie. It premiered on BET+ in September 2014. He has also performed as a pianist.

As of this writing, his net worth is estimated to be around $50,000. His net worth will continue to rise as he continues to gain popularity as an actor. It is unclear what his future career holds for him, but his net worth will most likely skyrocket once he lands more roles.

Chase Dillon was born on October 6, 1998. His zodiac sign is Libra and he is an avid music fan. He is also a twin brother. His parents are entrepreneurs and businesswomen. He has always been interested in music, and he has developed his talent as a young actor.

Despite being only a child, Dillon already has a healthy net worth of $50,000. His television series appearances have given him a huge breakthrough in his career, earning him thousands of dollars per episode. In comparison, the average actor in the United States earns $57,000 per year. In addition, child actors are restricted to a certain number of hours, which limits their earnings.

As an actor, Chase Dillon is destined for a bright future. He has acted in films like Little America, The First Wives Club, and The Underground Railroad. He has a Twitter following of nearly 5,000 followers. At just nine years of age, Chase Dillon has already had some significant roles.

Aside from being an actor, Chase Dillon is also a singer and pianist. He will star in the Amazon prime movie “The Underground Railroad” in 2021, executive-produced by Brad Pitt and Barry Jenkins. Aside from acting, Dillon also participates in various social networks, including Instagram. As of May 2021, he has more than 1.6k followers. His social media pages also showcase photos of his on-screen activities.

As of 2022, Chase Dillon is estimated to earn a net worth of $50k. He has earned this as a child actor. An actor’s average annual salary is $57k, but the average child actor earns considerably less, especially because of their limited time. Due to his young age, Chase Dillon is likely to continue earning more money in the future.

Aside from his father, Matthew Chase Dillon also had two younger siblings. His mother, Carrie Dillon, and sister, Shelby Dillon, are still living. He will be laid to rest in Bardstown, along with his maternal grandparents, Tommy and Marsha Raikes.

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