Chaim Walder Net Worth

Chaim Walder Net Worth – A Closer Look

A few months ago, a shocking scandal rocked the haredi world. In November, a Haaretz article published a series of testimonies alleging that a popular children’s author, therapist, and public figure named Chaim Walder abused multiple women — some of them underage. He was accused of sexual assault, exploitation, and even rape.

The allegations against Walder were shocking and horrifying. But they also highlighted a glaring inequality in the haredi world. While the beit dins whose rulings are generally known for regulating matters of Halacha (such as conversion and kosher slaughter) are powerful institutions, they have no legal authority in civil cases like this one. Instead, the victims had to rely on the secular courts in order to get justice.

When the allegations against Walder came to light, many of his alleged victims shared their stories. They shook the world of haredi society because they were so incredibly intimate and detailed. But the response of most of the haredi media was muted. Many such publications buried the accusations and instead focused on praising the author for his contributions to the community. In the end, Walder committed suicide on Monday. His body was found in a cemetery in central Israel.

In the wake of the scandal, a few major haredi bookstores publicly announced they would stop stocking Walder’s books. But for the most part, his books are still available. At a branch of the Israeli chain Yefe Nof Feldheim in Givat Shaul, his books are on display but not prominently. At Dani Bookstore in Mea She’arim, a full shelf of his books can be found. On the website of Steimatzky, a leading national book distributor, Walder’s titles can still be purchased.

Shushan says that this is an indicator of how deeply entrenched the perception of inequality in the haredi world is. The Yated Ne’eman newspaper, for example, ran an obituary of Walder that did not mention any of the allegations against him. Its head rabbi even spoke at the funeral.

But if the obituary is any indication, the real power in this case lies with the victim’s family and the courts. That’s why it’s so important to support the victims in this case and work towards systemic change. This is the only way to make sure that no other woman will have to endure this type of abuse. In the meantime, the families of the victims should be given the care and support they need to heal.

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