Busy Beaver New Kensington

Busy Beaver is a great neighborhood home improvement center that provides just the right selection of products at a great value. Busy Beaver also has an incredibly friendly staff and is known for providing excellent service. Every day, you’ll find great value and outstanding customer service at this local home improvement center.

The new store features a new look and a more open layout. A cinder block wall on one side of the store has been removed, and four large windows have been added. The walls are brightly colored, and new bathroom vanities are displayed in the front of the store. These new displays help make it easier for customers to envision them in their home. Store manager Bob Kallen clearly has the retail bug. He stopped mid-sentence to help a lost customer and leaned over to straighten the rows of jars. The new look isn’t the only change that will be made to Busy Beaver stores, and more remodels are planned for next spring.

Busy Beaver New Kensington is located at 101 Tarentum Bridge Rd in New Kensington, PA 15068, USA. It is a friendly store with decent prices, but be aware that some items are of mediocre quality. You can find more information about the store’s hours and how to reach it. You can also check out its weekly ads online.

Busy Beaver was established more than 50 years ago and is still expanding into West Virginia and Ohio. The company was an early adopter of the warehouse model, but was forced into defensive mode when big box chains began moving into its area. Busy Beaver’s management was particularly adept at closing stores that were too close to big box stores while keeping those that were in smaller markets open.

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