Business Minor Cornell

If you are a student of engineering, you can add a business minor to your curriculum. This minor is designed to help you learn the fundamentals of business, while allowing you to concentrate on a specific area of engineering. The program requires that you take six classes and fulfill one pre-requisit. It also teaches you how to interact with people and deliver complex solutions to customers.

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business is a popular option for undergraduate students in business. The program is one of the largest on campus, and students who minor in this area can take advantage of diverse classroom discussions, professional connections, and industry insights. Furthermore, acquiring business skills will help you gain marketability after graduation. This minor is open to all Cornell undergraduates, except those who study in the Nolan School and Dyson. Applicants must take at least three credits in microeconomics and four credits in statistics.

Although the minor may not be immediately helpful to job seekers, it will demonstrate versatility and interest in various fields. In particular, business skills are applicable to almost any job that involves money. As such, a business minor gives you a competitive edge over other candidates. It can also open up new opportunities. While it may not guarantee job placement, it will give you a competitive edge over your competition.

The Coordinator of Undergraduate Minors is the primary contact for students interested in pursuing a business minor at Cornell University. She advises students pursuing the eight undergraduate minors offered by the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. The Coordinator will assist you with any questions that you have about the minors program. She will be happy to help you find the best fit for you!

Students interested in pursuing an MBA or MPS can use their business minor to prepare for further study. Students completing the business minor can also waive certain requirements and application fees. They can also waive GMAT/GRE testing requirements. Upon completion of the minor, they can apply for graduate school without completing the required undergraduate degrees.

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business has been one of the nation’s top business schools. Its three business schools offer unique specializations not found at other leading institutions. The college also offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Some of these schools include the Johnson Cornell Tech MBA, a popular program. The school also offers a wide variety of professional degrees in business. If you want to become an entrepreneur or a successful business executive, the college is the right place for you.

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