Business Intelligence Engineer Amazon Salary

The salary for a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon is approximately $37.3K per year. This is the average salary for those who have three to thirteen years of experience. The salary can range anywhere from $29,020 to over $52K per year, depending on the position and company. This is an average based on fifteen salaries provided by different employees of Amazon.

For this job, you need to have a Masters degree in data analysis or a related field and three to five years of experience. You should be able to analyze data, create models, and be comfortable dealing with non-technical staff and senior-level executives. Finally, you must be able to deal with all types of people.

If you are looking to join Amazon as a Business Intelligence Engineer, you need to have a background in large datasets, database development, and data manipulation. In addition to working with clients, you will have to collaborate with analysts and database developers to analyze data and translate it into business decisions. You should also have experience in working with aws solutions and tableau.

A business intelligence engineer’s job requires them to conduct research and analyze data in order to provide valuable insights to business leaders. The goal is to make the information more accessible and useful. You must have excellent computer skills and a thorough knowledge of databases. You should be able to design and build databases and business intelligence systems that will help increase productivity.

The Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer interview is a rigorous one that will test your data science and domain knowledge. You’ll be asked questions about SQL and ETL processes, as well as data science concepts. You’ll also have to answer a series of behavioral and statistical questions. After all, this is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills.

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