Brooke Langton Net Worth

Brooke Langton Net Worth

Brooke Langton’s career

Brooke Langton’s net worth is not entirely known. However, she has been a part of a wide range of projects, and she has acted in several films. She has a recurring role on Friday Night Lights, and appeared in Life, as the lawyer Constance Griffiths. She also appeared in the music video “You Want to Make a Memory” by Bon Jovi.

Brooke Langton was born in Arizona on November 27, 1970. Her father, Jackson Langton, was a geologist. Her mother, Sally Spalding, worked as a script supervisor, and her grandfather was a World War II bomber pilot. Because of her father’s career, the family lived in different cities and towns. Eventually, the family moved to Illinois, and then to Texas. She attended San Diego State University and worked as a model in Japan.

Brooke Langton’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. She has been involved in acting and modeling since she was young. In the 1990s, she was a commercial model in Japan. After moving to Los Angeles, she became involved in theater. Later, she was a part of a variety of television shows and movies. She is a 5’5″ model and weighs 116 pounds.

Her childhood

Brooke Langton’s childhood networth is unknown. The actress has not revealed the details of her early life and early education. She was raised in a loving family and is close to her parents and grandparents. Her parents were supportive of her career choice and encouraged her to study science. Brooke is a well-read person and had a keen interest in marine biology as a child. She went on to study Marine Biology at San Diego State University. Afterwards, she moved to Los Angeles and pursued acting as a full-time profession.

After graduating from college, Brooke started acting. She landed her first acting role in the hit TV series Freshman Dorm in 1992. She played the role of Nikki. The show lasted for a season with 22 episodes. She then went on to appear in “The Small Hours,” which starred Djimon Hounsou.

Her relationship status is also a mystery. She was rumored to be married to Carl Hagmier in 2005, but it is not clear whether the couple actually made the marriage official. However, the actress has a son named Zane, who she usually appears with. There is no official information about her son’s father, but it is believed that Brooke had an affair with him at some point.

Her salary

Brooke Langton is an American actress and model. She was born in Arizona and raised in Illinois and Texas before graduating from San Diego State University. She began her career as a model in Asia and later branched out into acting. She first appeared in a Super Bowl ad and has starred in several films, including “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Baywatch”. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Brooke Langton’s salary is not known for now, but the actress has been active in the entertainment industry for many years. In addition to her many film and television roles, she also has had numerous guest roles. She appeared in “The Replacements” alongside Keanu Reeves and starred in “Chilly Christmas.” She also starred in “Primeval” opposite Dominic Purcell. She was also seen in several television shows, including “Friday Night Lights.” She was also a guest star on “Supernatural” and “Reach the Rock”.

Brooke Langton’s salary is approximately $650,000 per episode. She is also a successful actress who has appeared in over sixty films. Her career began when she was only thirteen years old. She began her professional career as a model and landed guest roles in many TV shows. Her first film role was in “Terminal Velocity” as a drug addict. After that, she starred in several television movies. In 1995, she landed the role of Sarah Bowen in “Extreme.” She also starred in “The Single Guy” and “Party of Five.”

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