Booger Mcfarland Net Worth

Booger McFarland Net Worth

Booger McFarland net worth is an American former football player and sports analyst, currently featured on Monday Night Countdown for ESPN as a television analyst. McFarland played defensive tackle in the NFL, helping Tampa Bay Buccaneers win two Super Bowls under coach Dirk Koetter. McFarland is widely respected for his engaging personality and ability to break down complex plays into easily digestible segments.

He was born in Winnsboro, Louisiana on 18th December 1977 and currently stands at 45 years old as of 2018. His real name is Anthony Darelle McFarland and stands at 6 feet. From an early age, Anthony Darelle McFarland had an intense passion for football which drove his desire to be one of the greatest players ever seen on any field in existence. Additionally, his very pleasant personality makes for a very engaging conversation partner.

His humorous remarks and unique style of commentating have made him renowned worldwide, earning him a massive fan following on social media: millions follow him on Twitter alone while having also amassed a great many subscribers to YouTube.

Booger McFarland is married to Tammie and they share two children: Alexis and Jacob. The family currently resides in Tampa, Florida United States where Booger enjoys golf as a hobby and their home boasts a swimming pool and outdoor kitchen for entertaining. In his free time he also collects football memorabilia that spans decades!

Booger McFarland, an American sports commentator with an estimated net worth of $9 Million has amassed his fortune through multiple means – his work as both a football player and TV analyst for prominent sports networks such as NFL Network and ESPN has helped build this fortune, while during his playing days he won numerous awards and recognition for his performances.

Booger McFarland currently earns over $2 Million per year as an analyst on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown since 20. Previously he served as a defensive tackle with both Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts before becoming an analyst for Monday Night Countdown in 20. Additionally he was also employed by college football network ESPN as an analyst while studio analyst for NFL Network.

Booger McFarland has also taken an active part in charitable endeavors by contributing to organizations such as United Negro College Fund and American Cancer Society. Furthermore, he has spoken at various events to raise awareness of diseases like colon cancer and diabetes as well as supporting efforts against domestic violence. Additionally, he has made appearances on numerous talk shows as well as being featured in celebrity fashion shows. He is best known as co-host of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football”, along with Joe Tessitore. Their on-air chemistry was warmly welcomed by audience and critic alike; however, behind-the-scenes they have experienced disagreements which has generated memes on social media.

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