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Bobby O’Jay Net Worth – Real Name, Age, and Cause of Death

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Memphis radio DJ Bobby O’Jay died at 68 on May 3, 2022. Known and respected in his community and pioneer of Black radio during his time at WDIA, Bobby became well-known for interviewing great names in music such as Muhammad Ali, Whitney Houston & members of The Temptations among many others.

O’Jay made an impactful contribution during his career. He opened up avenues of success for future Black radio personalities by sharing his musical passions and experiences with listeners, all the while speaking out on issues that affected Black communities directly – which made him one of the most beloved personalities in Memphis radio.

O’Jay was born in Batesville, Mississippi in 1953 to a family of nine siblings and attended Patton Lane High School – graduating with a degree in broadcasting – before starting to work for several radio stations before eventually landing WDIA, becoming their first Black on-air personality and program director for over 30 years.

At first, O’Jay struggled with alcoholism. With his brother’s help he eventually overcame his dependency and eventually married Kim Ojayrleda as his second wife; together they had two children together: Bonita and Kacey. Unfortunately, this marriage ended in 2017 when Kim passed away, after which time they divorced and Bonita moved on without her mother-in-law.

O’Jay was an inspiration to many throughout his lifetime, leaving a lasting legacy that will continue on into future generations of fans. As a true pioneer in Black radio, his influence will live on and his memory will live on through future generations of fans.

O’Jay was an enthusiastic car enthusiast and enjoyed driving his sports car around. Additionally, he was an excellent musician who loved singing and playing guitar; this passion fuelled his desire to perform live radio broadcasts of these performances. Furthermore, he was an adored father and husband, dedicating his life to improving Memphis by supporting local community initiatives – leaving an indelible mark upon its residents as an integral member.

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