Bob Stefanowski Net Worth

Bob Stefanowski Net Worth Vs Ned Lamont

Though neither Bob Stefanowski or Ned Lamont have disclosed their full tax returns publicly, both candidates for governor of Connecticut are clearly wealthy by any measure. Lamont, great-grandson of banking titan Thomas W. Lamont, has an estimated net worth several times larger than Stefanowski (former General Electric executive). Both men have made investments in private businesses and amassed sizable real estate portfolios; yet their disparate wealths has become an issue during their campaigning.

Stefanowski, who’s running for governor for a second term, released summary pages from his most recent tax returns, which show an estimated earnings totaling $36 Million since 2013. Unfortunately, these documents don’t reveal who his consulting clients are – something he promised if elected but hasn’t done yet.

Stefanowski and Amy paid $15.6 million in federal income taxes between 2020-2021; nearly $2 million went toward state income taxes that year as well. Additionally, the couple own two homes worth an estimated total of $3 Million: one along Boston Post Road in Madison valued at about that much and one near Key Largo Beach near Miami in Florida valued similarly.

Stefanowski’s income has tripled over the last two years due to increased work and higher compensation at Lolo Consulting, a high-end management consulting firm offering mergers and acquisitions consulting, due diligence services and corporate strategy support services – among others. Stefanowski described Lolo Consulting as providing services including mergers and acquisitions due diligence corporate strategy mergers acquisitions due diligence due diligence mergers acquisitions as well as complex financial deals including private equity investments.

Lamont and his team have accused Stefanowski of breaking his promise from during the 2018 campaign – to release his tax returns if elected – just days before his term as CEO of a payday loan company was up and to distain President Donald Trump, who was popular in Massachusetts at that time.

The Democratic candidate has accused Stefanowski of leveraging his fortune to support his campaign, holding several fundraisers, meet-and-greets, cocktail events and loaning $10 million to his campaign in recent months. Stefanowski’s campaign states he plans to focus more on voter outreach during its final stages – yet Lamont leads in polls.

Lamont holds a 27-point advantage over Stefanowski, the Republican. However, this margin was closer to 30 in another recent poll and an earlier one. Lamont’s spending on ads and staff dwarfs Stefanowski’s campaign spending – his campaign relied heavily on personal loans of $10 million from himself for campaign expenses; Lamont could widen her lead further as the economy recovers and both candidates compete for donors; additionally unions and other Democratic groups also provided large funds that helped put together his war chest while matching or surpassing Stefanowski’s super PAC resources.

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