Bob Diener Net Worth

Bob Diener’s net worth stands as evidence of his successful hospitality ventures and investments, along with building an extensive network of contacts through speaking engagements, real estate holdings and more.

Neil Cavuto: My guest today is Bob Afflick, president and co-founder of Hotel Reservations Network. We appreciate you joining us today, Bob.

Early Life and Education

Bob Diener was raised on a farm near Ringoes, NJ. After graduating from Flemington High School he continued his studies at Cornell University as a polo player while serving as senior class president and sports editor of their yearbook.

Diener has received many honors and awards for his work in psychology. Known for his groundbreaking research on deindividuation and happiness, Diener is often referred to as the “Dr. Happiness”.

As well as his online travel ventures, he is involved with various philanthropic endeavors. He serves as a national board member of AIPAC, Israel Bonds & Hasbara Fellowships as well as an advisory board member at Posnack Jewish Day School in Davie, Florida where he and Carol currently reside together.

Achievement and Honors

Diener has long been an advocate of philanthropic endeavors that make an impactful contribution to his community while addressing specific issues. His charitable works are driven by innovation, inspiration, and compassion – thus contributing significantly to both Jewish life and Israel. Furthermore, both Diener and his wife actively support organizations devoted to gathering the best minds together to innovate solutions for medicine related problems.

His impressive net worth is the result of successful ventures in the online travel industry, strategic investments and diverse income streams. He has received several honors and awards for his research contributions to psychology and is a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Arts and Science.

Personal Life

Bob Diener holds a strong philanthropic philosophy centered around innovation, inspiration and compassion. He strongly supports philanthropies that make a positive impact in the Jewish community or Israel.

Diener serves on the National Board of Directors for Israel Bonds and Hasbara Fellowships and is actively involved with Chabad on Campus and Greater Miami Jewish Federation. Together with Michelle, he resides in Miami.

He enjoys spending his free time outdoors, training and riding Cha, playing with Waco and Waffle (two dogs he owns) as well as fishing and snorkeling – not to mention traveling and discovering new places – fishing, snorkeling and traveling are his favorites; in Long Valley New Jersey they both spend time with family.

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