Bishop Whitehead Net Worth

Bishop Whitehead Net Worth

Bishop Whitehead Net Worth is a controversial pastor that has garnered millions of followers due to his extravagant lifestyle and collection of luxury goods and vehicles. His church services are highly attended and streamed live online.

Bishop Eric of Brooklyn has many supporters who trust in his guidance and wisdom. He founded Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries as an effort to empower people through God’s word in unadulterated form. Additionally, his power couple status with Asia K DosReis Whitehead makes them known in their community.

In July, New York City Bishop was held up at gunpoint during a livestreamed service and robbed at gunpoint of $1 Million worth of jewelry by three men armed with rifles. Unfortunately, no longer available online from Livestream of church, thieves fled in white Mercedes Benz.

After the robbery, allegations about Bishop began surfacing about his past. A parishioner filed suit in September 2021 claiming that he defrauded her out of $90,000. According to her testimony, he promised her money would be invested into real estate but failed to deliver as promised.

According to court documents, Bishop had a history of fraud and money laundering. In one instance in 2010, he was charged with identity theft and grand larceny for using a man’s Social Security number stolen to open credit cards without his knowledge or consent. Following trial and sentencing to five years imprisonment, he claimed he had been wrongly convicted.

He was also charged with misappropriating church funds received from former parishioners as financial assistance in exchange for using them to purchase a car, pay tuition fees, and purchase jewelry. Furthermore, he was found guilty of violating parole by failing to report income for one year prior.

The Bishop was born and raised in Brooklyn. Both his parents were politicians and community activists. Unfortunately, his father was fatally shot by 16 police officers on the streets, leaving his mother to care for him and his siblings. The Bishop became well known at athletics during high school and received athletic scholarships from Shaw, Farmingdale, and Eastern New Mexico Universities.

As well as his preaching career, Bishop is also a successful businessman who has invested in various property developments throughout New Jersey and is widely-known real estate developer. Additionally, he has appeared in various television shows as an actor or as an officiant; currently working on movie entitled ‘The Temptation’ set for release 2022; certified marriage and funeral officiant with an active Instagram and Facebook presence where his inspirational messages have amassed over one million likes on its latest post; has an established Twitter following of young women inspired by his words of wisdom who follow him alongside their peers who seek him out when speaking or officiant duties come due.

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