Bill Russell Net Worth 2021

Bill Russell Net Worth 2021

Bill Russell is one of the greatest basketball players ever in NBA history, winning 11 championships and five MVP awards over his 13-year career as well as earning 12 All-Star selections and representing America in 1956 Olympics with an Olympic gold medal win.

Bill Russell earned millions during his illustrious career, from both salary as a professional athlete and endorsements received. Additionally, he became known as an activist, often participating in charity efforts – even being honored with President Barack Obama awarding him with Presidential Medal of Freedom! Bill donated over $3 Million dollars to causes that support African American civil rights.

Bill Russell was born February 12 in Monroe, Louisiana. While attending McClymonds High School in Oakland California he excelled at both basketball and track & field; winning state titles in high jump, shot put, discus throw. Drafted into the NBA with St Louis Hawks as the second overall selection in 1956 NBA draft; traded to Boston Celtics shortly thereafter before winning 11 championships and five MVP awards en route to being inducted into Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame 1975 as one of its greatest players ever seen on court.

After retiring from the NBA, Russell continued his active lifestyle through numerous activism and charitable initiatives. He worked as a television personality and wrote several books including Second Wind; was also an successful businessman and real estate investor with multiple investments; championed for racial equality and was vocal against Vietnam War.

Russell was married four times during his lifetime. First to Rose Swisher, who had been his college sweetheart, in 1956 before they parted ways in 1973 and were divorced; Dorothy Anstett in 1977 followed by Marilyn Nault in 1996 – from which first marriage came William Jr and Jacob Russell, two sons he would go on to father.

Russell is known for his long and successful basketball career, but he has also invested heavily in real estate investments. Recently listed at $2.6 million is his 4,250 square-foot house in Washington DC which features gym, media room and wine cellar. Furthermore, Portland Oregon and Brainerd Minnesota properties were listed for sale by Russell as well.

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