Big Daws Net Worth

Big Daws Net Worth

Big daws net worth refers to the total money an individual has amassed by adding together his/her assets and subtracting his liabilities, with this figure serving as a good way of measuring wealth as well as status within one’s family.

Big Daws is an accomplished YouTuber and practical joker known for his viral prank videos that have attracted millions of views online.

He boasts a sizable YouTube subscriber base and his channel has been showcased on many popular shows. Additionally, he has earned significant revenue through YouTube videos.

His first video received over 50 million views. Since then he has become famous for his prank videos and is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

Dawson Gurley (commonly referred to as Big Daws) was born May 19, 1993 in Olathe, Kansas and quickly developed into a big fan of basketball, idolizing Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter among others.

High school was spent at Olathe East High School in Kansas and it was there that he began making videos inspired by Jackass as soon as he turned 11 years old. A video camera was given as a present to help with his productions.

He eventually settled down in Arizona with Kelly Cecil and their four dogs. There, he also makes his living creating YouTube prank videos for entertainment purposes.

How did Big Daws begin his video career?

Big Daws began making videos when he was 11 years old on his camera. Passionate and eager to create, his videos provide hours of entertainment. His creative style ensures viewers are taken away by this captivating content.

His popularity on YouTube led him to create another YouTube channel called Big Daws Vlogs and become well-known for his vlogs; currently boasting over 8 million subscribers on this channel alone.

Big Daws’ estimated net worth as of 2022 is an estimated $3 Million. His income comes from selling merchandise, sponsorships, and advertising on YouTube channels.

Additionally, YouTuber Justin Lee also operates an online store selling merchandise related to his videos and providing information about them as a video creator. Furthermore, his website contains further details of both videos created as well as information regarding his career in video creation.

Kelly Cecil is his wife. They reside in Tempe, Arizona together and share three children – a son and two daughters. Having been together for an extended period, they own their house there as proud parents.

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