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Big Brother Nominees Revealed

Big Brother’s nomination system has a unique format, as each week, a housemate must go to the Diary Room and distribute 3 nomination points to their fellow housemates. A housemate must give valid reasons to be nominated. Nominees can’t nominate themselves and no housemate can give themselves nomination points. A housemate who is nominated for the week has a limited time window to present their case for safety.

The Daily Highlights will feature the nominations by the Head of Household (or HoH) on Tuesday, October 14. The nominations are intended for the housemates and viewers to be informed about the nominees. This list does not include SMS votes as they will be reversed. M-Net is working to rectify the situation. However, it is important to note that a housemate’s nomination may have a bearing on his or her fate later in the game.

The competition will be fierce and the power to veto could make or break a nominee’s nomination. In the power of Veto competition, which will air on Wednesday’s episode, the winner gets the right to remove himself from the block and force HOH Daniel to nominate a replacement nominee. The Power of Veto has been used before by the HOH to make a housemate’s lives difficult. The Power of Veto can be used to remove a housemate. This could make the difference between getting evicted or being nominated.

The nomination process differs from show to show. The Head of Household nominates 2 houseguests. International versions require that all housemates nominate 2 others in private in the Diary Room. There are twists and powers that can affect nominations, which could save one nominee from being sent home. And if all goes as planned, a housemate can win the Power of Veto and take their nomination off the block.

Memphis Garrett won the Season 10 HOH election and was forced to reveal the nominees for eviction before the episode ended. He was unsure how to use his power. He wanted everyone to take advantage of the Safety Suite pass, which allows houseguests to compete for their safety with another houseguest. In week two, he opted for a safety suite pass. However, it was too late to save Dona Geralda, who had already lost the season.

During Sunday’s broadcast, Christie will announce the nominations of the final houseguest. Big Brother 21 will move to nineet/pt on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The first live eviction will take place on July 3.

The houseguests did not nominate the third nominee in BB15. The initial nomination process was a competition between America and the housegues. America intervened and took over the game. The winner of the POV would then become the third nominee. This means that if the housegues didn’t choose the nominee, they would be forced to assume the role of MVP.

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