Best Toys For Westies

The Best Toys For Westies

Toys for Westies come in all shapes and sizes and should appeal to your pup’s natural curiosity. They enjoy toys that squeak, which is a fun way to keep them entertained. Toys should also be safe for your westie to play with, and should be made of high-quality materials. You should also check that the toys don’t have small parts that could be dangerous to your pup.

A rope toy is ideal for your Westie. It will keep its teeth clean and healthy while playing. The bright colors make it easy to spot outdoors, and Westie parents were glad that they picked different sizes. One toy comes in two sizes, so your dog can play with it in different ways. Another toy that can be used with your pup is the Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball. This ball is great for training your Westie.

Digging toys are great for Westies. Since Westies are natural diggers, they can damage furniture, carpets, and even flooring if they dig too much. To redirect this instinct, give your dog a toy that caters to digging. The latest toy for digging is the iDig Go from the same company that makes the iFetch automatic ball launcher. These toys come with treats and are also very sturdy.

When choosing the right toys for your westie, look for one that appeals to their natural curiosity and playfulness. A plush dog toy will satisfy their squeaky instinct while providing mental stimulation. A chewy ball will also be a good choice for your pup. And if your pup enjoys puzzles, then a jw hol-ee roller toy will satisfy their need to chew and play.

Toys for Westies are essential for their development and exercise. You should consider purchasing squeaky toys and training your pup with a toy that he or she can chew on and toss around. Don’t get toys made of rawhide, as this can cause choking problems. Rawhide toys are especially dangerous, and can also be harmful for your home and floor. Toys for Westies should only be purchased from a reputable source.

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