Ben of the Week Age

Ben of the Week is an immensely talented and widely popular TikTok comedian content creator, known for captivating millions of fans through his entertaining videos.

He started his journey on YouTube in 2010, but later deleted it to establish a new channel named BENOFTHEWEEK in April 2013.

His talent and looks helped propel him to fame on TikTok. In his bio, he humorously acknowledges his resemblance to actor Noah Centineo by calling himself his “ugly cousin”.

Early Life and Education

Ben of the Week Age was born in 1999 and is a well-known social media personality with millions of followers on both TikTok and YouTube. Known for his funny video content creation skills and distinctive sense of humor that resonate with his target audience, this charismatic YouTube personality boasts millions of fans around the globe.

Born in Canada and immigrating with his family two years old, his parents come from Portuguese, French and German roots respectively.

He started out his career as a TikTok content creator and quickly earned fame for his creative videos. Later in 2013, he ventured onto YouTube to launch his channel named BENOFTHEWEEK; since then he has deleted his previous channels and been active on his new one where he frequently posts comedy videos and has amassed over 995 thousand fans!

Professional Career

Ben De Almeida (better known as ben of the week age) always knew his goal was to become famous online and knew it would take hard work and patience for success in this highly competitive YouTuber world.

He launched his initial channel on YouTube in 2010, before later deleting it in 2013. That April he unveiled ‘BENOFTHEWEEK’.

Ben Leber is an incredible comedy sketch creator with over two million followers on TikTok and over six million subscribers to YouTube, known for his engaging and amusing videos. Additionally, his popular podcast Unrestricted with Ben Leber features health/wellness experts, sports figures, and business professionals – as well as millions of TikTok fans and over six million YouTube subcribers!

Personal Life

Ben was always keenly aware of the necessity of creating his own brand to distinguish himself and stand out from competitors. Additionally, he understood all too well the hard work and commitment necessary to become an influential YouTuber.

Ben has amassed an enormous following on TikTok thanks to his engaging content and striking likeness of actor Noah Centineo, with over 995 thousand devoted TikTok followers and 24 million heart reactions from viewers.

His appearance and appearance has earned him considerable acclaim among Asian communities worldwide. Together with Erin, they reside in Oxford Mississippi where they own both a downtown loft and yellow 1925 craftsman cottage; Violet and Seraphina are their daughters.

Net Worth

BenOfTheWeek has amassed an impressive net worth through his YouTube and TikTok content, amassing an estimated fortune. Not only does his YouTube channel garner millions of views each week but its social media influencer status has attracted numerous brand sponsorship deals through its entertaining and captivating videos.

He stands tall with an athletic yet slim build and beautiful light brown eyes. His style combines fashion and entertainment, garnering him significant fan bases on both platforms.

BenOfTheWeek appears content with his lifestyle as an unmarried individual, having made no videos with any girls on TikTok nor posting pictures with them; thus it is safe to assume he is single and enjoying life while creating entertaining videos for his fans.

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