Ben Mallah Net Worth 2022

Ben Mallah Net Worth 2022

Ben Mallah is an influential real estate mogul. He owns hotels, residential buildings, and commercial properties across the US; with an estimated net worth estimated to exceed $200 Million.

He has built his business around real estate investments since 1990. His focus is on buying rundown apartments from sellers and renovating them before selling them at a profit.

His primary source of income comes from real estate investments; he owns multiple luxury apartments and hotels in Tampa, Florida. Additionally, he generates significant earnings through YouTube channels, websites, podcasts, etc.

He has found success in real estate due to his hard work and perseverance, being willing to put in extra hours that most others wouldn’t. Furthermore, his patience enables him to recognize a good deal.

Some of his most significant real estate ventures include the Best Western Bay Harbor Hotel in Tampa and Four Points by Sheraton Orlando International Drive hotels – valued at millions.

Due to his success, he has quickly increased his net worth. Looking ahead, in 2022 he plans to invest more in hotels and commercial buildings.

Mallah’s net worth has seen substantial growth due to his expansive car collection. These include luxury models such as the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe and Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.

He has owned numerous luxurious homes, some costing over $5 million. Additionally, his yacht is worth approximately $3 million.

Although successful, he remains an unpopular figure who has generated much discussion on social media. Known for chain smoking and occasionally making offensive statements.

Ben Mallah was born October 29th 1965 in Rockaway, Queens New York to low-income parents who did not provide much in terms of care for him as an individual.

Mallah began working as a hustler while still in his teens. He performed various odd jobs such as messenger service and office work before enrolling in the army in 1987.

After joining the military, he gained exposure to many values that helped him develop into an outgoing and confident individual. Since applying these lessons to his everyday life, he now understands more fully what makes for a full and happy existence.

Karla Nila and he have been married for an extended period, sharing three children. After 14 years together they remain happily wedded.

Mallah is an established social media figure with thousands of followers across all platforms, particularly his popular YouTube series and podcast called “Life For Sale.”

Beginning as a street hustler and quickly gaining notoriety for his aggressive street tactics, he eventually joined the army to learn self-discipline and eventually establish himself as a successful businessman. Through hard work and persistence he managed to amass an enormous net worth; selling hotels as well as other real estate properties worth millions.

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